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  1. Your mate the mistake, not tesco. They wanted something they could enforce if your mate didn't come back. How do they know the van wasn't stolen. If your mate was planning to come back, as he did, signing would have done no harm. Don't see the problem. I agree with ihb.

  2. I'm having to go into work with kidney stones which isn't much fun when suffering a pain attack from a flare up. I'm on the brink myself (of breaching absence policy) so I know how you feel. My advice is to show where you have made every effort to get into work and attend as much as possible, this should be enough to help them see you are making every effort.

  3. Actually the bit I read was about high risk offenders, of which you are part of as you have been done twice. You have to prove you don't have a drink problem before you can get your licence back, even if you did the course.


    Reading up on it, it seems only the court can recommend you for it, rather than the other way around. There is no harm asking but I don't think they will put you forward for it.

  4. I have had to beg doctors for scans as well. They really don't like to spend their budget.


    I had back pains for years. Years of physio, pain killers, osteopath treatments, one day I said enough. I had private healthcare so could get an MRI done on that but I needed a gp referral to a specialist to recommend one. Getting my gp to refer me (perm gp for years), was like pulling teeth. He asked me what they wanted me to scan exactly? I said my back and neck of course, even after I told him it would be paid for by my healthcare he was still reluctant. When I got to see the specialist even he put on my report he didn't think they would find anything, based on my symptoms. Guess what, they found two discs with extra bone spurs growing, trapping my nerve, causing painful spasms. A few months later I had spinal surgery to fuse two discs my neck.


    A few weeks back, I was in a&e after having a pain attack in my stomach. I was in agony, rolling around, in a&e and the doctor wanted to send me home so my gp could send me back for a scan. I told her how much pain I was in ( she could also see) and couldn't they scan me there and then. The doctor said no as it wasn't the correct procedure and an MRI/ct scan would be too expensive. They could have been sending me home with anything. She really didn't seem to care, but she did say I could have the scan arranged within weeks if it was urgent. Brilliant, thanks. Luckily another doctor came on and saw how much pain I was in, checked my test results and then agreed to send me for a ct scan. Low and behold I have kidney stones.


    Doctors just don't listen to their patients anymore and it is how they miss so much. They listen to much to their managers, who are trying to control budgets. But it doesn't have to be like that, if they were stricter on people they treat who are abusing the system. People who should be paying for their treatment, just like if I was in a foreign country I myself (or my insurance) would have to pay.


    You really shouldn't have to beg for treatment when you know there is something wrong.

  5. Ok people. Whilst it clearly is perfectly acceptable to not have a licence and only ever watch catch up progs. Please dont claim that you dont have a licence and still watch live TV as we dont want to be seen to condone law-breaking.


    Absolutely, there is at least one person on here who has admitted to watching live tv, but using his rights to try and keep capita away. If you are gonna take the moral high ground, at least do in a manner that is lawful.

  6. Have any specific example of how the staff and managers were being rude. What was said?


    It's normally a voucher to buy a laptop of the same specification as the one your dad currently has.


    What was the nature of the fault, hardware failure or accidental damage?

  7. Actually, you could go to any EU country and be treated free of charge, to the same level as you would get in the NHS. An EHIC "lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return. It also covers you for treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and for routine maternity care, as long as you're not going abroad to give birth" according to the NHS website.


    EU citizens can get the same here. The scandal is where non-EU citizens are treated and costs are not recovered. Indeed, the NHS seems not to even bother trying in most cases.


    It's not really the same. You can't travel to a country, just to have treatment because you like a certain doctor or hospital. You can the other way around. In some case you need to contribute to the cost yourself, you don't the other way round.

  8. Eu immigration, specifically the free use of the nhs without having to have insurance is a big problem though. It must cost us billions to treat people who come here and don't contribute to keep the system running. I know there are those who do contribute who immigrate from the eu, but there are many that don't and hospital tourism is a big problem. I don't know why for the life of me we don't have a system where you have to pay into it for a few years before you can use the nhs without your own insurance. I know if I went to Spain, Germany, France etc, I would have to have insurance to get treated, why is it not the other way around?

  9. Beatrice, I do not see why you feel the need to rant. You've been asked by a member of the site team not to make comparisons on this website. Surely that's the end of the matter. You might think it, you clearly do, you just need to keep banging on about it on here.


    Yet after the polite request to stop it, you felt the need to carry on making yet more "natzi" comments. What is a natzi anyway?

  10. Alternative to seek help would be step change, they are very good and will likely be able to setup a debt management plan for you. They will deal with the catalogues and will likely get them to freeze interest and charges. Based on your income and outgoings.

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