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  1. Well if you admit to it or there is proof of you sneaking something away, then you don't need a jury. In most of these threads you see, the poster admits to guilt, I don't see why they shouldn't pay, but that's all IMHO.


    I'm sure they would give them the choice if the thief wanted, are you guys saying the stores should be notifying the police regardless? If so, I have to agree with that as well.

  2. There is no legal standpoint. Tesco followed their process for people who make the mistake your friend made. It's not like they tried to sign him up to 1500% apr to pay back what he owed. Jeez, we are becoming more and more like America each day.

  3. I know this site is about helping people, but this kind of thread is common. People not taking care of their own responsibilities, realising they paid for something they didn't use and then trying to sue to high heaven because the company don't agree to pay the money back. It's wrong and if that is the case, surely the best advice is leave it to save mental and possible financial loss trying to fight it, when the poster is the one making the error. Surely telling them to invoke clauses that are not applicable here is the poor advice.

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