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  1. That's best excuse I've heard for trying to get out of a speeding fine ever....
  2. I have the power? He's not he man you know... You've been given some sound advice, you are the single tenant she is your visitor. End of.
  3. That's over the threshold, I think it's plus 5mph of the speed limit allowance. It's 40mph + 4mph speedo allowance + 5mph = 49 mph in total. Looks like you just missed out.
  4. Surely you don't just want people to sugarcoat an answer, surely to what you require is the truth though, right?
  5. And people moan about our system....send them to Germany I say haha
  6. Surely avoiding paying by moving is not right, morally. Claim back the insurance by all means and use it to clear down the balance, but don't try to avoid paying as it will only come back to bite you.
  7. How did you buy from Comet? Do you have a time machine?
  8. My advice is do as they say, log a not as reported claim after the set time. Tell the guys you do t want it and want a refund. If he's sends it and they refund you it's his mistake and maybe he'll list his item orrery next time.
  9. The **** got well and turkey beat today! Shadow of their former selves
  10. It's only one side of the story tho....
  11. That's a bit of sweeping statement based on your own single experience. Are you really saying that none of them are interesting in pursuing fair and honest justice....tripe!
  12. To be totally honest, I am for retailers doing things the old fashioned way and reporting all offenders to the police. What happened to all shoplifters will be prosecuted that you used to see on signs?
  13. Well if you admit to it or there is proof of you sneaking something away, then you don't need a jury. In most of these threads you see, the poster admits to guilt, I don't see why they shouldn't pay, but that's all IMHO. I'm sure they would give them the choice if the thief wanted, are you guys saying the stores should be notifying the police regardless? If so, I have to agree with that as well.
  14. No I agree innocent people shouldn't be harassed. I think the rlp letters should only be issued to those where guilt is proven (with CCTV) or admitted to.
  15. It's going to be tough going, mainly because Suarez will rip us a new one, and party because of hodgeys tactics.
  16. It would be good to see someone actually get to use the welfare system that needs it, it's what it's there for till you get back on your feet. Why don't you book an appointment with cab who can advise on your circumstances.
  17. Those smiles have to be photoshopped...lol Good on Wigan too, keeping the sprit of the cup alive...!
  18. I don't think the charges are that bad. Compared to the fines you get ton trains for dodging fares, which can go into thousands, just avoid court. Shops don't just have to worry about actual costs, surely it should also be a deterrent. If it was a slap on the wrists and £20 fine, some might not be put off by it.
  19. I do help if you check my posts, but I don't tell people to sue, sue, sue, or claim, claim, claim when they in the wrong. The site is very useful for those in need or advice, but some people shouldn't be told they are right when they aren't.
  20. The op hadn't checked their account in over three years. Who does that? Dx suggested claiming back from the bank, how is the direct debit code relevant here?
  21. Serious!? I want him no where near lfc ever again, except in charge of another team who comes to anfield.
  22. There is no legal standpoint. Tesco followed their process for people who make the mistake your friend made. It's not like they tried to sign him up to 1500% apr to pay back what he owed. Jeez, we are becoming more and more like America each day.
  23. I know this site is about helping people, but this kind of thread is common. People not taking care of their own responsibilities, realising they paid for something they didn't use and then trying to sue to high heaven because the company don't agree to pay the money back. It's wrong and if that is the case, surely the best advice is leave it to save mental and possible financial loss trying to fight it, when the poster is the one making the error. Surely telling them to invoke clauses that are not applicable here is the poor advice.
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