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  1. That's it, lose the debate and throw your toys out of the pram. It's a simple discussion guys. Do you not think I've made a fair point? PPCs wouldn't be able to fine anyone if people parked as they should instead of (in some cases) being lazy or cutting corners. In some cases it's an accident, but then just learn from it and don't do it again. I am sorry if it appears I am not understanding your side of it, because I really can't see my way to helping (some people) who have been caught out. I have posts where I have given advice in cases where people are innocent in terms of their a
  2. Simple way of avoiding the extortionate fines, park properly. Works for me.
  3. Don't worry, your chance for justice shall come soon!
  4. Okay, it was created initially with the basis of private parking in mind. Maybe not legally, but morally, private and council pcn are the same when it comes to issues such as parking where you aren't meant to. Sure everyone has the right to appeal, but where there is guilt then they should be left to it and hopefully the appeal isn't successful. The bottom line is if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime. The op in that thread could have took the last disabled spot and it could have been your grandparent or disabled user who was denied a space as a result. It could have been mine
  5. Why would you want to help someone who has parked like that? I can't get my head round it. Makes my blood boil when I see people abusing spaces not intended for them and to help others. They deserve what punishment they get and it doesn't happen often enough to eradicate the problem.
  6. Can they prove the state of the flywheel before you took over driving the car? Do they have before and after pictures? Surely this is the only way they can attribute the damage to yourself. I would appeal to the lease company, they are the ones trying to bill you. The garage isn't your responsibility as you didn't pick them. I would sent them an appeal, without settling saying that you don't think you should be paying and the basis of that is: Can they provide before and after pictures, clearly showing the damage to the flywheel too place during your stint of ownership. Who ha
  7. So on another thread, somebody who has already admitted to guilt, is being advised to appeal parking in a disabled bay despite not being entitled to do so. That is wrong and exactly the kind of thing I was talking about. Surely the person should be taking it on the chin and be using a normal spot next time. I can't see how this forum should be used to evade fair penalties.
  8. I don't need to decide, the facts are clear. Surely nobody would appeal parking in a disabled bay when they weren't entitled to?
  9. Did you park to left of the lines or to the right? It looks a narrow road, so it looks like if you parked to the left of the lines then it would be an obvious obstruction to those on both left and right ( who I assumed would be parked)
  10. It hurts to say it, but tomorrow night I am going to be a united supporter. And it feels dirty....
  11. That's my point though steam powered, people asking for help without explaining what the alleged offence is and people advising blindly means you could be helping anyone try and get out of any offence. Personally although the cag is here to help, people who do this don't deserve it, so I wouldn't advise until I knew the facts of the situation. I understand genuine cases need help and that probably makes up the majority, just don't understand the negative reaction when all I asked was what the offence was.
  12. Nothing like being at the actual game, but if not I still prefer to have mates round and watch it on my setup. With he money I spent on it and my sky sub, it's a no brainer. Beers cheaper too.
  13. My mistake...thought this was about a mobile contract. It's been largely mobile contracts going up, not heard of broadband prices going up mid contract. Definitely a bit cheeky.
  14. This really isn't the same thing as what you described. More like paying for sainsburys bananas but getting them from co op. Yes I would if it was the law but I would be actively involved in fighting to change it. Bottom line it is the law currently, I guess all those people who don't have a license will have to get themselves down the pub for the World Cup in the summer as they can't watch the games live at home. Unless you avoid the scores and watch later on catch up.
  15. PAC code, and no sounds like a rip off. However you are lucky they let you out of a contract, not many doing that these days, so maybe worth taking the two weeks on the chin, rather than kicking up.
  16. Might catch a few license dodgers out then. It annoys me that people who should pay for one and watch live tv, hide behind their rights to avoid access and get caught out.
  17. Basically the point I was trying to make are that those who choose to park wrongly and know the consequences of doing so somehow try and exploit loopholes with the aid of some on here advising on legal get outs to avoid paying up. Surely if someone has abused the system (even the harsh world of private parking) and isn't a genuine victim of the system, then they should face the consequences of their actions. Albeit harsh consequences, as in the case of topics like these. For example, someone might post they got caught on ANPR. They don't state the alleged offence (as most don't) and it c
  18. No screen burn isn't classed as a fault.
  19. What's wrong with you breached the terms you agreed to by parking there, you live with it. Question, would you advise somehow how to get out of a fine for parking in a disabled spot, when they weren't entitled to use it?
  20. This place is devoid of morals sometimes. I wonder how often people are advised how to get out of stuff, when they are in the wrong. Not saying that is the case of the op until he says how he came to be in breach of morrisons parking rules.
  21. Course it matters, if the op was using private land to avoid paying elsewhere. Supermarket car parks are for people to park and shop. The one near us is abused by football fans on matchdays, people who wanna shop can't get parked because it is full of football traffic. **** take.
  22. What was the reason for over staying the two hours? Surely that's key to the appeal?
  23. What was the actual reason for overstaying the two hours?
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