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  1. Never used car craft and likely never will. I get my cars from an uncle who is a mechanic so i know all the cars I buy are sound.


    Re read what you have written.


    You said all cars they sell are faulty, which would need to be 100% of cars sold right? You said only 98% of people you read about agreed with you! which means 2% were happy. Of those 98% of people you read about that probably makes up about 2% of heir sales, which would mean over 98% of their customers are likely to be happy with their service. Ergo your statement that all cars sold by them are faulty cannot possibly be true. Understand now?

  2. Since they are an official body, I like to think they do know what they are talking about.


    Agent? The land owner has asked the agent to enforce on their behalf. The contract is still in place.


    It maybe a small amount of money but didn't the official body for parking associations set the limit as £100. For me they have set expectation on this matter, but saying anything up to £100 is possible.

  3. Citizens advice would disagree with you f16




    By parking on their private land, you enter into contract law with them, and you agree to their rules parking on said land.


    I would ask if it were my relative and if they ignored the signs and parking stupidly then I would laugh at them and tell them to learn from it. If they were a victim of circumstance and hadn't breached the terms of the contract then I would help. See the difference.


    Now answer my question please? If it were your family member wronged by someone's awful parking, would you advise the 'offender'?

  4. Right, so first we should sit in moral judgment of people before we decide whether they are worthy of help?


    By not doing so, I think people will be aiding those out of sticky situations who got themselves their in the first place. Let me ask you a question, if it were your disabled family member who had to work further because they were denied a parking space by someone who shouldn't be there, would you advise that person how to challenge the pcn?

  5. Fair enough, but the signs saying they will charge a £100 penalty for parking over two spaces, or parking in a disabled bay etc would make you and me think twice about doing that right? Some people see the signs and still think sod it I'll park how I want regardless as they know they are unlikely to be caught or hit with a bill. They do this with no thought of anyone but themselves, certainly not for you and me.


    Then when some do get caught, they come on here and ask for help as to how to avoid the charges. Thy ask for ways to worm out of it and avoid paying. Without establishing facts first people on here offer their pearls of wisdom and the fact is some of those being helped are a result of scenarios like that listed above.


    Tell me this don't sit right with you labrat?

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