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  1. What's the defence out of interest? Mitigating circumstances?
  2. I agree with mr p, they have clearly made an effort to say it doesn't come with a frame. It's a poster, you ordered in error, without reading it fully. I've done it myself before, I just took it on the chin.
  3. So it is an overpayment and you didn't advise them? Otherwise why would you be paying? They sound like bailiffs possibly, have you any other debts that could have gone to court, if not then they could be calling about this debt. Were you in the house or watching from outside, seeing as you came home?
  4. We've played the best football this season, we deserve to win it.
  5. Oh yes, didn't spot that, right up the top there. Then I wonder if there is a similar type forum for them. You could sign up to Passat world anyway and maybe message some of the guys on there who post service bulletins, you never know you may find they can provide you with something you can go on.
  6. So you've NOT got what you want? Make your mind up. I'm typing on my ipad, so the odd error drops in as it's not the same as typing on a keyboard. Sorry about that. My point still stands, you are wrong.
  7. Never used car craft and likely never will. I get my cars from an uncle who is a mechanic so i know all the cars I buy are sound. Re read what you have written. You said all cars they sell are faulty, which would need to be 100% of cars sold right? You said only 98% of people you read about agreed with you! which means 2% were happy. Of those 98% of people you read about that probably makes up about 2% of heir sales, which would mean over 98% of their customers are likely to be happy with their service. Ergo your statement that all cars sold by them are faulty cannot possibly be t
  8. Firstly 98% isn't a100%. Secondly how many people complaining online make up their total sales annually? 2%? 5% at a push?
  9. Well I bet not all cars they sell are faulty, so you can see straight away your post is tinged with bitterness..is it a fair assessment overall? I'm not sure...
  10. What vw is it? I go on the passat world forum and there are many current and ex vw mechanics on there, who can post up official service and fault bulletins directly from vw. Armed with this info you can usually get work done foc if they recognise the fault is a known one,
  11. Just for the benefit of balance, I'm sure two sales out of thousands doesn't mean all cars sold by them are faulty. Yes you've been unlucky and had bad service too, but to make a claim like that is absurd.
  12. I don't think so silverfox. If they were more moral, I think you would see more inconsiderate parking. IMHO.
  13. Since they are an official body, I like to think they do know what they are talking about. Agent? The land owner has asked the agent to enforce on their behalf. The contract is still in place. It maybe a small amount of money but didn't the official body for parking associations set the limit as £100. For me they have set expectation on this matter, but saying anything up to £100 is possible.
  14. Citizens advice would disagree with you f16 http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/wales/consumer_w/consumer_cars_and_other_vehicles_e/consumer_driving_and_parking_e/consumer_parking_tickets_e/consumer_parking_tickets_on_private_land_e/youve_got_a_parking_ticket_on_private_land_what_can_you_do.htm By parking on their private land, you enter into contract law with them, and you agree to their rules parking on said land. I would ask if it were my relative and if they ignored the signs and parking stupidly then I would laugh at them and tell them to learn from it. If they were a victim of c
  15. I dunno, I just think if there is a sign up saying they will charge £100 (and I agree it's a lot) if you park where you shouldn't and you ignore it, then you are accepting the risk of being done for £100. You make your bed, you lie in it.
  16. By not doing so, I think people will be aiding those out of sticky situations who got themselves their in the first place. Let me ask you a question, if it were your disabled family member who had to work further because they were denied a parking space by someone who shouldn't be there, would you advise that person how to challenge the pcn?
  17. You gonna answer my point renegade? How do you quantify a loss where someone has parked in a disabled bay.
  18. Fair enough, but the signs saying they will charge a £100 penalty for parking over two spaces, or parking in a disabled bay etc would make you and me think twice about doing that right? Some people see the signs and still think sod it I'll park how I want regardless as they know they are unlikely to be caught or hit with a bill. They do this with no thought of anyone but themselves, certainly not for you and me. Then when some do get caught, they come on here and ask for help as to how to avoid the charges. Thy ask for ways to worm out of it and avoid paying. Without establishing facts fi
  19. So how much do you think private companies should be charging to ensure people park correctly and fairly whilst on their land? Just out of interest. Surely the same deterrent needs to be there.
  20. Lets just say in the case of the woman who parked in a disabled bay, and shouldn't have. How do you go about figuring out actual costs? I thought the whole point of a larger than cost penalty was to act as a deterrent. If the amount charged was a nominal actual cost amount, surely people wouldn't pay much notice to the limitations.
  21. Has anyone actually argued one of these in court and the judge has accepted that whilst there was a parking infringement, the amount being asked for is disproportionate? And has thus agreed a lower amount is due to the parking firm?
  22. Cool let us know what they come back with, I really don't see how they can have reasonable doubt the damage was down to you. The damage could been done by the last owner, just as much as you if you haven't been riding the clutch.
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