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  1. Green and mean - if he was giving chase and had flashing lights on, he wouldn't have stopped at lights. When was the last time you saw an emergency vehicle with lights on stopped at lights?


    Surely the police vehicle would be fitted with a camera, I thought they all had to be? If you are sure you didn't go through on red, I would challenge it. Regardless of their witness statements, the lack of video evidence and incorrect details on the ticket would cast enough doubt I would have thought.

  2. I think this programme highlighted a couple of bad cases and bad cookies. It doesn't seem to be how it is done all the time, certainly not on the surface.


    The sheriffs are coming shows bailiffs checking with the DVLA before taking a car, being firm but fair etc. but then I suppose that could be because they are knowingly filmed and apply the letter of the law correctly and do things as they should.

  3. There are many cases where the reason for getting a penalty charge is not black and white. My nephew met up with a friend for lunch on a regular basis at a hotel where his friend worked. Out of the blue he received a notice from parking eye. This was because PE was a new system the hotel adopted. He told the hotel management he was in the hotel eating. He was told he needed to give his car reg at reception to avoid a notice. He explained he had been eating regularly there and was not told at any stage to give his reg and no notice at reception. So lack of communication on the hotel's part. My nephew has to appeal two tickets as he visited the hotel twice in a short period and PE issued on each occasion. He paid cash for lunch and no need to keep receipts. He will just keep replying to PE's insistent letters until hopefully they give up.


    I got a notice recently. for using a service road behind shops. I've used the road for years so a new system again. The new sign is high up behind leaves of a tree, I had to go back and look as iI couldn't understand why I'd received the notice. I just keep replying and repeating my appeal so see what materialises.


    As I've said, I have no issue with those who are victim of circumstance or misunderstanding. It's those who intentionally park where or how they want, to the detriment of other users and then try and worm out of it when they get the fine the signs clearly state they will get. Some people on here helping them do it because they don't agree with the parking firms methods, just seems wrong to me.

  4. No I don't think so. Another way it could go is people would learn from their mistakes and park correctly next time, which will benefit us all. Parking notices go down and then they are needed to be enforced as much. You ever notice how many of the threads start "my son/daughter parked in this car park"......well they will never learn from it because they have been given a loophole to try and avoid paying it. They should have thought about it before they parked is a disabled spot or across two spaces, or parked there and went to the gym......


    Don't get me wrong, people who a victims of circumstance like the person had an accident in a car park, meaning they overstayed. I get that they need advice and help. It's the people who do it purposely meaning you and I need to park elsewhere due to their ignorance, and then get help getting out of it. It's so wrong.

  5. If it's their boundary then yes. Is he private owner, renting etc? That would decide who your friend needs to go to next, seeing as being reasonable doesn't seem to be working. Your local council should have a department that deals in mediation and sorting out neighbourly issues.


    Its unreasonable to not let the dog out into the back yard to do its business, but it is unreasonable to moan about the dog getting it yet won't do anything about the fence. Your friend should have no issues getting this taken further.,

  6. The sales of goods act doesn't mean you are entitled to anything other than repair, refund or replacement item. The choice is theirs. If the problem is software then this may be excluded from the warranty as well.


    You'll have to give it them to do with as they wish within a reasonable time frame. You can of course request your preference but ultimately the choice is theirs how they deal with it.

  7. There might be no laws dx, but would you lease something that could be damaged by little brats having a tantrum or could be simply nicked, with no re-course. Of course it needs insuring.


    I think you two have been very rude to the bh rep, who has taken the time to explain how they do what they do.


    Don't forget you are only getting one side of the story with regards to the incident, the actual bh people aren't here to defend themselves.

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