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  1. Green and mean - if he was giving chase and had flashing lights on, he wouldn't have stopped at lights. When was the last time you saw an emergency vehicle with lights on stopped at lights? Surely the police vehicle would be fitted with a camera, I thought they all had to be? If you are sure you didn't go through on red, I would challenge it. Regardless of their witness statements, the lack of video evidence and incorrect details on the ticket would cast enough doubt I would have thought.
  2. I think this programme highlighted a couple of bad cases and bad cookies. It doesn't seem to be how it is done all the time, certainly not on the surface. The sheriffs are coming shows bailiffs checking with the DVLA before taking a car, being firm but fair etc. but then I suppose that could be because they are knowingly filmed and apply the letter of the law correctly and do things as they should.
  3. So she handed £650 over to someone, a stranger in effect. How does she even know it was tv licence? Seems like the language barrier must have played a part for her to not know who she was giving money to.
  4. As I've said, I have no issue with those who are victim of circumstance or misunderstanding. It's those who intentionally park where or how they want, to the detriment of other users and then try and worm out of it when they get the fine the signs clearly state they will get. Some people on here helping them do it because they don't agree with the parking firms methods, just seems wrong to me.
  5. The only way you will meet one of these extortionate costs is if you don't park as requested whilst on private property that is private land. If you park as requested by the land owners, you won't have to pay a penny, no?
  6. Unwary? Don't make me laugh. Have you seen the signs at these sites? They are very clear about what will happen if you don't park considerately.
  7. No I don't think so. Another way it could go is people would learn from their mistakes and park correctly next time, which will benefit us all. Parking notices go down and then they are needed to be enforced as much. You ever notice how many of the threads start "my son/daughter parked in this car park"......well they will never learn from it because they have been given a loophole to try and avoid paying it. They should have thought about it before they parked is a disabled spot or across two spaces, or parked there and went to the gym...... Don't get me wrong, people who a victims of ci
  8. I parked in a free private car park today. The signs are all over and they are very clear. People cannot miss them and only do so when they want to. The signs clearly state you will be shanked if you choose to break the rules. It's common sense renegade, it really is? Have you had one of these pcn's?
  9. I still think that if you park and you know the what is going to happen if you park incorrectly t still choose to do so anyway, then you deserve the extortionate fees involves. Yes they are high, but park properly and you won't pay a penny.
  10. They have all be justified though. We've never created so many chances or got into the box so often as this season. Ths fast passing and running at players in the box invites it, makes it hard to defend against.
  11. Unfortunately I think it's part of the legal agreement if there is equity in the house then the creditors can force a sale. It's the same with bankruptcy.
  12. Step change a debt advice charity and will probably be able to give you the best advice going forward. http://www.stepchange.org Sorry Nibagey I've been at work and only just got up (work nights).
  13. Any value in your house? I thought they could only force a sale if there was enough equity in your house to pay off the debt. Who is your IVA through? Have you tried someone like step change?
  14. The DVLA website seemed fine when I used it, for the record which part is useless? I am trying to understand the root of the issue with regards to the website, as it may affect my decision to use it myself in future.
  15. I'm referring to the first one. If your daughter was in the wrong, I'm just saying I would pay if it were me. The second sounds like more of one I would contest if you don't think it is right.
  16. Surely if the store manager wrote the pcn and he would be a representative of the land owner, that is enough reason to accept the pcn was given correctly. I would pay it, especially if you admit your daughter parked there incorrectly. It seems a fair cop.
  17. You can pick up a new one cheaper online. The battery is about 5 years old, so it's unlikely hp will consider replacing it.
  18. If it's their boundary then yes. Is he private owner, renting etc? That would decide who your friend needs to go to next, seeing as being reasonable doesn't seem to be working. Your local council should have a department that deals in mediation and sorting out neighbourly issues. Its unreasonable to not let the dog out into the back yard to do its business, but it is unreasonable to moan about the dog getting it yet won't do anything about the fence. Your friend should have no issues getting this taken further.,
  19. It seems clear cut to me, you haven't had the phone so how can you have had time to inspect it? DSR is all you need to quote as rebel says.
  20. The sales of goods act doesn't mean you are entitled to anything other than repair, refund or replacement item. The choice is theirs. If the problem is software then this may be excluded from the warranty as well. You'll have to give it them to do with as they wish within a reasonable time frame. You can of course request your preference but ultimately the choice is theirs how they deal with it.
  21. There might be no laws dx, but would you lease something that could be damaged by little brats having a tantrum or could be simply nicked, with no re-course. Of course it needs insuring. I think you two have been very rude to the bh rep, who has taken the time to explain how they do what they do. Don't forget you are only getting one side of the story with regards to the incident, the actual bh people aren't here to defend themselves.
  22. Lol, overkill then mate. MSI make a lot of components for other brands of computers, they are well known and very good. Don't think you will need that much laptop though, a laptop a third of that price will do fine.
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