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  1. Basically offering to do a soga report to find out what has caused the fault. You can either get them to do it, or get someone that you choose to inspect the tv to find the fault. Providing its not down to acc dam and is a manufacturing fault you'll get your money back and a repair etc. Have you unplugged the tv and left it for a while, which will replicate what it will be like when you send it to them, I can't see it being no fault found if this is the case. I you haven't done it I'd suggest doing just that, unplug completely and leave it for a while then plug it back in, using the tvs
  2. It annoys me more when there are cycle paths and people still ride on the road. Also when cyclists just go through red lights when using the road, amazes me. But I assume you aren't talking about cycle paths here.
  3. porkyp1g


    If the whole site had have been hacked, it would be on the news. Like when playstation got hacked for example. There would be massive implications. As its just you, that account was compromised. The guy had a stupid password or worse still might have even been in cahoots with the fraudsters or could even be the one and the same. Who confirmed that the account was hacked?
  4. I've added more to my post above. Either way then you should be covered by your warranty with them. Even if it was battery though, I'm guessing they would still need to provide some cover on it, despite being consumable.
  5. Does the white light come on next to the port when you plug it in? If it does then the dc port and your adapter are fine. I would then suspect the battery. Best way of testing is to try another company or hp charger, with the same circle connection (some of the dells work that use a round adapter). That should help you figure out if its the battery, adapter or dc socket (bit on the board that your charger plugs into). If your struggling to get hold of spare charger, take your laptop to pc world/Currys or similar style store and ask if they can try one of their chargers in your laptop to h
  6. The refurb board might have a warranty of 3months, but it will be expected to last longer under soga.
  7. Very shoddy practice. Even if a neighbour signs for something, what if you don't get on with said neighbour. By them leaving it with a neighbour isn't you getting your hands on the goods. How they can settle for this is beyond me. All on top of the fact you were in the whole time. I'd agree with stu and go the PayPal route. They seem to be very much on the side of buyers and you have a stonewall case.
  8. What item was it? Nothing that could be contributed to user error? Is the third item also faulty or does that work? Just wondering because if they tested what was meant to be faulty and found no fault, maybe that's the reason for sending the item back out. I know under dsr you can still request a refund, but its seems odd.
  9. Why will she lose her license if she wasn't driving? Even if both offences were applied, that's only 6 points. Are there any points already on either license?
  10. Doubt they'll force you to sell, especially not with neg equity, they've nothing to gain as they will be low down in the list. They will wait till you've paid off mortgage and then try and get their money back from any sale then.
  11. You are very defensive of the situation, in fact overly defensive. I haven't lectured you. My advice was to follow what the eon rep suggested, but rather than doing that and trying to help yourself you have chosen to come back on here and have a go at the company. Yes my energy is with them but I have no need to back them up at all. Just passing on my experience of your situation. If you feel I am having a go at you then that is not my intention, but if that's how you see it I can't help that. Have you contacted the vulnerable customers department yet?
  12. Have you contacted said department? Have you asked the question? I feel you are beng unfair to the eon rep when he said no such thing. He said they don't generally switch the meters back, for obvious cost reasons. He didn't say once a sinner always a sinner, they will change it back if there's a need to (as yours sounds like it is). If I'm honest with you, I don't believe they took your meter away from you with no notice. My wife used to work for eon and I know how much contact they HAD to make with customers before making the change. They have to jump through so many hoops to defend them
  13. They didn't say that they never change it back, though I can see why they would economically not change unless there was good reason. How do you get your bills? Did you not see that your payments weren't covering your usage charges? That way you might have avoided the high debt. If you switch now and ask for a credit meter, the new company will charge about £50 to swap it for a credit meter and that's after a credit check. Energy companies share info as do central networks who have all the meter info for the last three years. Your best bet is to follow eon reps advice and cont
  14. Dude, maybe she eat the fruit or said she did, to be polite. Maybe she was sending you signals that she wasn't interested but you didn't pick up on them due to your aspergers. Maybe she didn't even eat the fruit but said she did. Just shop online or shop elsewhere like you are, leave it and move on. Life's too short to worry about things, that in the grand scheme, don't really matter. You're dietary and financial needs can't be that great as you said you might not go back even if they let you.
  15. Did you not get any letters, explaining that your payments weren't keeping up with your usage? Did you not get any correspondence at all then? Did you tell them in replying to them that you had needs? To be fair, it must cost eon to keep swapping the meter, and if the customer let the account go into arrears and not keep up with payments, it would cost them more to keep swapping it over. What if they swapped it and customer fell behind again? Where will the line be drawn?
  16. Don't forget, within the first year of employment, you don't really have many rights to fight with. If you make too much noise, they'll just get rid and won't need to justify it, so be careful not to cause too many waves. Is there no in the middle compromise that can be reached?
  17. Doesn't this shop do home delivery? Is it one of the super markets, or is it a smaller shop? At least then you get your dietary and financial requirements sorted?
  18. Hi, I have an insurance backed guarantee with the above. I didn't know for the last eight years as the insurance company who fitted our windows and doors didn't leave us details. Fensa put us onto the above who confirmed we have a policy with them. Mid jan our font door lock failed, and we couldn't open the door. QANW insisted we fill out a claim form they were sending us and post it back. They would then check our policy and if we were covered, send someone out to investigate and instigate a repair if it wasn't down to misuse or wear and tear. I pointed out our front door was needed
  19. I was thinking this. Just shop somewhere else, it's not like you can't get food from anywhere else, otherwise you would have a point. But it behind you, why chase the aggro?
  20. Not if you bought brand new phone, if should be in perfect condition.
  21. If you got it out of the box like then en of course they should swap it, but you'd have to explain why you've left it a week. Normally you report it right away if it came like that. See what they say.
  22. Of course. I assume its not faulty in which case expect a repair if it is and your old phone back after. If you are returning it under distance selling or cooling off, then the phone has to be in the same condition as new. Unless you get really lucky and they don't inspect it.
  23. Unless you can prove that the TV isn't being used for live TV (no aerial or tuner de-activated), they can legally take an interest in this. I assume that you do watch TV? Simply unplugging the aerial won't be enough. If you do watch TV, then you have to pay. If you don't then you will risk further action. If you don't watch live TV, invite them round at a specified time so you know it's them and show them. Problem goes away. A friend of mine uses his TV purely as monitorfor Xbox and PC. He deactivated the tuner and has no more visits. He downloads TV programs via the internet (to
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