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  1. Dangerous? Why is it dangerous, what danger is posed by letting an official rep come into your home so that letters and visits stop? It is my own opinion, and I truly feel that if you aren't watching or recording live tv, what harm will come from doing this? Regardless of whether you have to or not, surely it's better to have the peace and quiet if you have nothing to hide. They aren't going to be going through all your stuff and invading privacy. They'll just want to see your aerial has been removed. No sky or virgin boxes etc, I'd imagine. I pay for a tv licence because I need one so I
  2. It does sound like the friend has taken the ops rather tainted view and cut his nose off....
  3. It's like they are looking for anyway out of the claim possible. I think they reject many claims in the hope people will go away, and probably many do. They seem to want all my details of cover every time I claim, shouldn't they have all this to hand. One thing that makes me think they are clutching at straws is the fact that they didn't reject the claim as soon as they knew it was the locking mechanism. The oburdsmen is the next option if they still try and wriggle out of it, but with the document clearly stating locking mechanisms are covered, it would be stupid of them to reject as if
  4. If its partially blocking access, just move it outside. Surely safety for you is more important than leaving it there until this gets sorted. Do your council collect bulky items, or better still put in your car and take to scrap metal place and get some money back to put towards the cost of your new machine?
  5. After all this waiting, they've rejected the claim. They reckon that the firm who fitted my windows and door only covered the frames and sealed units. Even though they knew from the outset that the problem was the locking mechanism on the door, they didn't indicate early on that it wouldn't be covered. They still asked for cause of defect from the repair man. He said that this is the first insurance company he has come across that have done this. After all this time, now they have decided it's not covered. What I find odd is that they don't appear to have my paperwork to hand when you fi
  6. I suppose it depends on whether you are accident prone or not. Or if you just want extra peace of mind without worrying about claiming on house insurance. The loss of a no claims bonus if claiming on a TV or coffee machine, might exceed the cost of one of these policies. I've relied on them in the past and it's worked out better than using my house insurance. I'm glad the OP managed to get this sorted anyway. I'd say that was above and beyond to courier goods from store to store, I'm guessing that's not normal practice. Good news.
  7. Soga doesn't cover acc dam though does it?
  8. Legal action, over £6. Can you just leave them bad feedback? Surely that will shame them into taking action. I can't see legal action over something so small is worth pursuing,
  9. Did he actually take it to them to report the fault or phone their repair line to report the issue? If the hard drive was faulty then he'd have gotten a free repair of course. Did you run a hard drive test? Was it faulty or did windows just need reinstalling? I think he bought a hard drive for no reason if you ask me, possibly due to your previous experiences.
  10. Are you advocating the fact people watch or record live TV, don't pay but are allowed to keep the inspectors away?
  11. If you have no aerial or Sky/virgin box then this should be enough to prove you aren't watching (or recording) live TV. Why hide this from TV license inspectors if this really is the case? The only reason people would object (as far as I can see) is if they are watching live TV but don't want to pay up.
  12. Yes it is all I have said. I only ever referred to live TV, now your quoting it like I said something else? You also need a license if you record live TV (thought you knew all about this subject?) Why wouldn't you let them into your house if you aren't doing either of the above? It would make the problem go away right? The only reason you wouldn't do it is if you have something to hide. How can they prove you aren't watching live TV? In your wisdom, how do you suggest they go about it that sits right with you? You call them liars? Care to expand on this a little?
  13. Whatever, all I am saying is if you watch TV, then pay your licence like the rest of have to.
  14. You're right it was a ridiculous comment. Shame you can't see it.
  15. Any error messages? Both when you try to load windows and when you try the hard drive recovery?
  16. So you wish hundreds of 1000s of people onto the unemployment line over £400? I understand you've had issues and am sure you'll get them sorted, but that's not a very nice comment to make. Comet had their tails of woe but good people ended up with no jobs and still had families to look after. I'm sure the comment was made in frustration, but it really needs putting into context.
  17. What make and model is it? What's the error you get when it boots? You can likely reinstall windows from the built in hard drive recovery if its a software problem.
  18. Is it me or is there no change at all? They list no benefits. What a weird letter.
  19. I've used that motorway a lot and still managed to read if it said 60 or 40. Speeding is still speeding and whether it was the right font or not it was still readable perfectly fine.
  20. How did he take money without your knowledge, surely he needs your card details to do this. Did you hand them over? I'm assuming that you didn't pay by PayPal, as you could register a dispute with them and send the engineers report with it. If paid by card, maybe do a chargeback?
  21. If you used the energy then the debt is yours. Can't you ask them to remove the interest and pay the rest over a set period (10 or 20 a month) or whatever you can afford?
  22. Why at their expense? The phone is over 6 months old, isn't it down to the customer to prove a manufacturing defect after 6 months at their cost?
  23. Can't you simply transfer the cover to your new car that you buy with the money from the old one?
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