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  1. It's still my opinion that genuine evaders exists and while they do tvl inspectors will come a knocking. It's people that do evade their license fee, whether they watch bbc programming or not, that cause innocent people to get harassed along with the rest as tvl have no way of knowing it the person is just an evader or or not, People on here call them goons or cretins. Maybe their incentive is personal gain, but they are doing a job that evaders create a meaning for. If people want to get mad they are being harassed, don't blame the tvl folk, blame the blatant evaders who break the law a
  2. That is odd, comet gave me new warranty on a replaced item, not once but twice, as I posted above.
  3. nice one, but I didn't type alive. I typed live.
  4. All tv is not live if you class one or two seconds as not live. Watching live tv is watching what is being broadcast at that time. If they see or hear you watching a program that is on the tv listings as being on at the time, you're going to be asking for trouble. Be interesting to know to what limits they would prosecute on as being live tv. You could hit the pause button for two minutes, then resume playing, but for me your still watching live tv. It's clear from the YouTube vids some folk enjoy the aggro the fact they can defend their house and safety, what's not clear in a lot of the
  5. "I'm not sure that it is in the interests of Capita and the BBC to catch all the evaders. This is a valuable contract for Capita, so why jeopardise it by being too efficient?" That's why the BBC should bring it back in house and make that the whole point of the operation again. Capita and their need to make money causes too many cases to go off track and too many innocent people hassled. "So why does the BBC not do this? Could it be that they don't want the public to know that TVL is the BBC? Could it be that they know they wouldn't be more efficient? Could it be that they ca
  6. This. Your property is covered by the policy, even if it was given to you, won by you or bought by you. Sometimes they'll ask for receipts but if you say that this item was won, its a very valid reason not to have one if they needed it. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  7. Yep t&cs on every online site allow them to back out of deals if they want to and can undo any transaction up until the point they have sent you the goods. Some get honoured but most don't, especially ones like this where its such a clear mistake. I go on the avforums bargain forum a lot and you see some on there get honoured. Most posted on that forum are genuine bargains, have a look.
  8. No, the person who sold you the car robbed you surely, not the DVLA?
  9. If there were no genuine tv licensing evaders out there and everyone who needed a license paid for one, I'm sure there would be no capita chasing unpaid tvl fees. People who don't need a licence wouldn't have any bothering visits and everything would be great. But we don't live in an ideal world. I'm sure everyone who gets stopped at customs isn't a drug smuggler, but because drug smugglers exist they have to do the job. If you ask me, outsourcing to capita isn't the best idea when capita give their own employees targets to meet rather than catching genuine tvl evaders. It's too much abo
  10. The loophole is that you can use "WOIRA" to ban TVL from your premises, even if you do need a license but are avoiding paying. Obviously not everyone who uses this right is avoiding paying but a small percentage do and should be prosecuted. That's my point, that I have been trying to make, but because I have this view point it apparently means I must work for TVL, BBC or Capita.
  11. Ah yes the digital spy, the other place I like to go to scare folk into paying their tv license fees. I go by the name tweetip1e. But keep that quiet, don't rumble me on their too, I've still still got commission to earn. What do you want to know abut the inside operation? I've got loads of stuff on "my bbc bosses". Maybe I could make a book?
  12. Yep you got me. I thought I'd hidden it well, but your clearly to clever for that. You know a lot about this tvl stuff, I need to get up earlier to catch you out clearly. Still if i fail to get people to get their license fees paid, maybe ill get a big payout like the previous editor in chief, when he failed.
  13. Careful, if your tin foil hats all meet together you could make an aerial. More evidence for the tv licensing people to do you with. Where's the video, i'll have a look to see if he's one of my chums. Might not be in my department though, we are very widespread....
  14. I bought a tassimo machine from comet a few years back, it failed once just before the 12 months was up. It was replaced but the replacement failed again 10 months later, but comet gave me a new warranty with the replacement machine so that was swapped too. The latest machine has been going strong for 2 and half years now. Some companies do give new warranties when faulty items are replaced, as they should.
  15. Only if the goods didn't last as long as reasonably expected. If you bought a poor quality product, it wouldn't be expected to last as long as a good quality one. Dells aren't cheap by and large so I wouldn't class a dell laptop as a low quality product.
  16. You should never use a vaccum. Always use compressed air to clear the fans as vacuums can cause damage to internal components if placed in the wrong area. Remember to blow, not suck lol Speeds of what have doubled? You can't improve the performance of a PC by keeping the fan free from clogging. You can stop it from overheating and shutting down, but that's it. When you say clients, what do you do?
  17. I've always wondered why the warranty would only continue from the date the original machine was purchased. I bought an Xbox 360 from Game a few years back, which failed in less than a year (3 red lights), they replaced it for a new one but stated that the new machine would only be guaranteed for the remainder of the original machine's warranty. Surely if the new machine is a replacement and is a brand new unit, it should be expected to last as reasonably long as the original unit would be. Hence it should carry the same warranty the original one did, some 8 months prior. Providing it wa
  18. I don't work for TVL/Capita or the BBC. Stop being so paranoid. You are taking the thread off topic. I'm merely posting as a law abiding citizen, as I've PMed you to try and keep this thread clean. I do want to see people who break the law punished sure, if I pay, so should everyone who needs a licence. Anyway, back to topic and I shall now bow out of the thread so it can serve it's purpose. If anyone would like to correspond with me, do so via PM.
  19. I've PMed a few on this thread as I really don't want to be arguing on here and derailing the thread potentially. This thread still serves to help the OP, and I think they have enough info to decide what they want to do.
  20. It might give them the peace that they seek and end to the matter, if they are genuine cases. I see my view on this is similar to late MARTIN3030 who ran the site. His words were, "But its not a responsible course of action to be suggesting members ignore correspondence or visits, given that we know should it be escalated,the consequences can be inconvenient and stress for many. These are not things that the site would agree with nor suggest." Despite their poor admin skills, the enforcement department don't always continue to hound you after you've satisfied their inquiries. My friend th
  21. In my opinion the question here is "how do I stop people visiting me from tv licensing?" My advice to stop it, if the person asking the question does not need a license, is to let them see why you don't need a license. Even if you don't legally have to, it will stop the visits won't it? They are satisfied you don't need one and mark it down as so, so the visits stop. You might class that as bad advice, because the person doesn't have to, but it gets the job done, right. You can ignore them, do it your way. Because legally you can, does it stop them? No it doesn't, as we see in the case o
  22. Hmmm, I actually thought for a second there you guys might have a good argument and are morally right as well as factually. It seems from those three answers that this might not be the case. Is someone using a loophole to avoid paying like the rest of us? Anyone who does watch or record live tv but doesn't pay for a license deserves to be taken to the court to face the consequences. If you genuinely don't need one, then fair play.
  23. To the guys who don't acknowledge the tvl peeps, I assume you genuinely don't watch live tv or record it?
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