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  1. Out of interest, how do you know for sure the mainboard is causing the phone to freeze and that will resolve your issue? Have you then one inspected by a qualified engineer or something?
  2. You could pay a satellite engineer to come and check the state of the dish and see if it is serviceable. I would have thought a basic call out and diagnosis charge would be no more than £30 and he may be able to repair or fix the problem without parts. If so, you're laughing. If not, you can get on to sky and see if they can do you a deal on a new dish. Unfortunately you are only covered with sky for 12 months. After that you are liable for the dish and the box. It's one of the benefits of virgin media, they keep ownership of the equipment so if it messes up, they fix it for you.
  3. From the UK Government "Notices [i.e. clauses in terms and conditions] CAN be used to exclude or restrict statutory rights in relation to all goods when buyers are other than consumers (business buyers, companies) – although any such exclusion or restriction must be reasonable." It is the supply of goods and services act of 1982 that applies. It DOES apply to business sales, but does not give the business buyer as much protection as a consumer. The act states: "Where, under such a contract, the transferor transfers the property in goods in the course of a business, there
  4. Who did you settle your electricity with?
  5. You will be entitled to ssp at the very least. Like emmzzi said its best to know what their policy is and how it fits into your circumstances. For example have they done all they should, but likewise did you fully comply with their policy. I'm sure your union can clear this up and I'm sure that you'll sort it. I still think you'll find that you were okay self certifying for the first 7 days of your illness so a sick note wasn't needed, unless you didn't follow their self cert procedures, Did you inform them each day that you were off for?
  6. You can self certify sickness in any company for 7 days. You shouldn't have needed a sicknote, provided you followed their procedures of reporting your sickness to them (usually a phone call to your manager an hour before your start time is normal). You should get any sick pay entitlement as well providing you followed it. (Whether that is full company sick pay or SSP will say in your handbook).
  7. To contact the Vodafone web team...they left these instructions to follow. Good luck in sorting it. We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and to assure you all that our presence on CAG is with the very best of intentions. vodafone UK has recently introduced a dedicated Web Relations Team which is keen to seek out customers who’re having difficulties with their accounts and feel that they have no other place to turn to than CAG and other consumer forums and blogs. Naturally, it’s not possible for us to help directly with account specific queries on CAG and as such we would
  8. why did you pay for an extra 3 months if you had cancelled? surely you could just refer to that conversation and any correspondence that you had confirming the cancellation. It doesn't make sense? Anyway, vodafone are on-board, so Lee (who is very very good) will be able to help you with our situation and hopefully clarify what has gone on....
  9. Do I agree with the law on everything? No. Do I stick to them to avoid punishment? Yes. You can break the law, but if you do the crime, don't moan when you have to do the time. Do I agree with 70mph speed limits on the motorway? No, I think cars can safely handle speeds above this. Do I drive above that limit, no, because I don't want points or a fine. It really is that simple. I've answered with how I feel on the topic and feel that I've made this quite clear. Call it what you will, I'm happy and have a clean moral slate. Pity some of you can't say the same. I am deffo out of this now,
  10. Because the government that governs my country has said it is law that if I watch live tv (regardless of what I watch) I need a tv license. Do I like it, no. Do I agree with how they currently deal with enforcement, no. But I comply with that law because I want to watch live tv (football, ice hockey, and other sports). If I don't pay the license fee, I risk being fined or imprisoned. Morally, I'm under obligation to follow the rules of the land, and until such time that changes, I will comply. Some shows that the bbc licensing money has paid for, I have enjoyed. I have enjoyed the office
  11. No I understand that. But if bbc or tvl contact you to make enquiries, providing they show you id, you can be quite assured that your data would be protected under the data protection act. Snowy is a random person on a forum and I have no such guarantees that my data is safe and that it won't be misused. He has already proved to me that he is unstable (paranoid), would you send him your details if you were in my position? If he feels that I am not here posting as just another user with a view on tv licensing, then he can still complain and enquiries from organisations with valid cre
  12. It's not the same at all. What organisation is snowy a part of that will keep the information safe and ensures it won't be used for any other purpose? If you read my posts properly, you will see I don't agree with capita being involved in the process and how they go about trying to catch tv licence evaders (targets and commission etc). I also don't agree with how the bbc acted in light of the jimmy saville scandal. But because I believe people who need a tv license should pay for one, that makes me a bbc troll. Believe what you want. It really doesn't bother me now. We've already un
  13. That's fine if you genuinely don't need a tv license. Fair play. With all due respect though, they are at least an official company who must comply with the data protection act. Paranoid snowy isn't and if I gave him that information, he could do anything with it, so it's not really the same.
  14. You clearly do, as you think I am an insider when you are very wrong. The site team can pass on details on my IP address if either organisation requests it should they feel that an investigation needs to take place. This will give them details of my location and ISP. This should be enough to satisfy the companies if they have an employee on their hands. I'm not going to send my personal details to you as I don't know what else you would use them for. I don't know you and I'm sure you wouldn't send me all the details you requested from me. To be fair, I don't really care what you thi
  15. If you truly feel that I work within either the bbc or capita, why don't you report me to one or both of them? I've already posted my views on the matter, that it should be taken back in house and not run by capita for personal gain. If its a government decision to make everyone pay in this way, then it should be run the same as the DVLA is. If I do work for either of the companies, surely they will take exception to my comments and I would be in trouble. This view on this is my own and I do not work with anything at all to do with tv licensing. Call my bluff on the matter and put your m
  16. Nah I just asked these guys if any of them actually watch live tv (or record it) regardless of any channel despite not paying for a tv license. Renegade has already admitted he does, but these are choosing their right to remain silent. Says it all to me really.
  17. And I thought he was meant to be an expert on this topic? I'm still waiting to see this video for ****s and giggles. We've already had one admit he watches tv but doesn't pay for a license, your guys refusal to answer the question makes me think your in e same boat (but too ashamed to say) and are hiding behind your rights. None of you have my sympathy if the day comes and your found out to be a tv license evader.
  18. It's not like somebody has just made up this rule and applied it and tried telling everyone it is right. If you are proved to be in breach of the law on this matter, do you not end up in court and get fined or imprisoned if you are found to be guilty? If you are comfortable risking this punishment, go ahead. You face the consequences if you do get caught and if you believe in karma I'm sure it will be applied. You will have no one to blame but yourself. I thought I was dealing with people who don't need a license and were arguing against being assumed guilty, but its clear from some of t
  19. It doesn't matter if you are okay with it or not, it is still a law that you a breaking. Morally, you are in the wrong. When it all gets reviewed in 2016, maybe they will see that there are more alternatives for people on a subscription basis, like Netflix, so might actually change the law or even make freeview a subscription too. I agree it needs brining up to date, with modern times. if you pay your license fee, you get the programmes beamed live and decrypted. Then there would be no need for capita and all these targets and commissions. But until such time, you are still floutin
  20. That's where I agree with you there. The focus should be taken off making people pay for licenses if they genuinely don't need them, it should solely be about catching people who choose to flout the law just because they have an issue with the bbc or capita. I think in 2016 we could see big shakeups and I hope it is taken back in house and the objective of the tv license enforcement go back to basics.
  21. So the legislation on this matter doesn't say that if you watch live broadcasts or record them, you need a license?
  22. Because the government have deemed it a requirement if you watch live tv, bbc or otherwise. You do, so you need a license but choose to claim that you don't need one, when you are in breach of legal guidelines. You have just as much to do with people getting bothering house calls from tvl than capita does. If I didn't agree with a certain legal guideline that applied to me, I'd take this up with my mp, not break the law by disagreeing with it. Yes I did bring Martin into this, if you see the posts he made on the matter you'd see he had a similar view on the matter. He wouldn't want the s
  23. It's a legal requirement to own a tvl whether you watch bbc channels or not. You've already stated that you've not owned a licence for over 10 years, yet you have admitted to watching channels with adverts. That still doesn't mean you don't need a licence. I think from the answers given on here, your not on your own and a few more always require a license but choose to exercise their rights to avoid paying. Well it doesn't wash, claiming that the rest of us who do comply with legal requirements are sheep. I pay my licence as I know it's a legal requirement given i choose to watch and record li
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