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  1. You're likely to need a powerful electric one, I would think all petrol mowers would be the same on that degree of slope. Suppose it depends on the layout of the engine.
  2. I don't get it, you took it back to the superstore for the full refund. That is what manager told you to do to get the full refund, they said the local store couldn't issue a full refund, so what was wrong then? Also, why would you need a refund on a food item, just because you found it cheaper, wouldn't you insist on a refund of the difference? Surely you would still need the food item? You sure you didn't just change your mind and couldn't be bothered to go back to the store you came from?
  3. I'm just saying the advice to ignore people from tvl is poor advice and would have probably made your penalty worse id assume, considering you actually need a license. I am surprised that they penalised you so harshly for a simple mistake. Why don't you try appealing it?
  4. The op needed a license though right, at some point he would need to deal with tvl, why would he ignore them?
  5. No, don't worry it's not you and I, like bazza, have no issues with people who don't need a license. I just wonder how many other people hide behind their rights and withdraw right of access to hide the fact they should be paying like the rest of us who need one.
  6. Ha...your experience with "beeboids" has turned you paranoid to the point that you think anyone who doesn't agree with you must be employed. You can't see past that can you? Some would call it insane....
  7. We've all seen and been horrified by the documentarys on the bbc and the saville cover ups. But just because I feel that people should pay for a license if they should be, does not bundle me in with that. It does not mean I support peadophilia or work for bbc/capita. Just for the record, just because you don't want to watch bbc but do want to watch other channels live, you still need a license. I have a legit question to all those who do not feel they need a license. Did you watch any of the sport this summer and last live? Do you watch England matches, or the FA cup live? Planning
  8. I would be interested to know how many of the convictions were bona fide license evaders. People who needed to have one, but thought they would try and get away with it? If you can't afford the license fee, use the catch up services, simple.
  9. Er you need a license for a computer if you choose to watch live tv via the Internet on it, which you can now do.
  10. I'm sure the op could read your thread that you've copied and pasted into all sections for the relevant info.
  11. Or easier still is to reserve and collect online and if the product is web only price, you pay the online price as your reserved it from the online store.
  12. What happened to your computer. I assume it got damaged..?
  13. If I'm honest that's excellent service. The store don't have to do that, but they are. You will get a tv far, far in excess of the spec of your old tv and that is not what your policy covered you for by the looks of the t&cs. It covered you for the same spec. Good job and happy tv hunting. The decision is now what to choose. I know you said you weren't interested in 3d, but you really should check out some of the passive stuff, it really is spectacular on a good quality set.
  14. To be fair, most insurance only covers for the depreciated value, not the original price paid. Even if you went down the legal route, the judge would take into account how much your old set has gone down in value from the years of use you had out of it. The chances of being offered enough to afford that new £1750 set was between slim and none, purely because it is far too superior in spec in every single way. Also, you would still have a lack of inputs that you had on your old set, even with the more expensive one. So I am not sure that would solve the major problem you have with the set that
  15. If you are getting the amount originally quoted still, then I would get this TV. It's down nearly half price and looks great picture quality wise. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-dvd-blu-ray/televisions/large-screen-tvs-32-and-over/lg-50pn650t-50-plasma-tv-21255315-pdt.html#longDesc Not a Samsung, but LG are overtaking them in a big way. I switched from Panasonic to LG and haven't looked back since. Also, if you genuinely aren't interested in 3D, it would make sense. You would then have the bonus of £199 left over to treat yourself with something else. New Coffee machine, blu ray pla
  16. I understand what you are saying about not wanting an LED TV, as it isn't plasma. Some people do prefer to superior black levels on a plasma screen. I had the same issue going from plasma to LED and prefer the picture quality of my old plasma. Having said that your old TV is very aged in terms of todays TVs and most budget Samsung TVs will be better specced than your old one. In theory the Samsung ps51f4500 plasma matches the spec of your old one if you have a look. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-dvd-blu-ray/televisions/large-screen-tvs-32-and-over/samsung-ps51f4500-51-plasma-tv-2124972
  17. What did you do in the six months that no money went out? Did you try and let them know so that you could pay for the phone and broadband?
  18. when the OP was saying routing his calls to landline was a possible fix, I assumed he meant he was having problems at his home location. It would be free and would solve the OPs problem.
  19. You got a full refund considering they could have insisted on repair under SOGA, you did well. So TV's from costco never break down then? All electrical devices break down, that's why manufacturers supply warranties.
  20. Ask for a sure signal, free of charge. I got sent one and get full 3G signal now....
  21. The fact that computer works after updates (probably reinstalling windows), suggests it is user affected and not an inherent problem. More details on the issue may be handy to help decide, also proving a software problem was inherent after 18 months use may be very, very hard to prove, which of course is down to consumer here.
  22. Soga won't cover software if that's what is going wrong each time. Sounds like it is software if updates fix it for a while.
  23. Maybe that's what actual employees of the bbc do in your experience. I don't work for the bbc or capita, but because I disagree with you apparently that means I do. Are you really saying everyone who disagrees with you on this topic and posts it on forums like this must be employed to do so?
  24. Pick and choose the laws you adhere to and break a lot do you?
  25. Tell you what I've not seen so much paranoia on one forum....ever.... Maybe all you've come across before is people working for the authority, I don't know. Looking at your judgement I doubt it. It's like really, just because I disagree with the common opinion on here, it must mean I work for the company you lot are trying to rip apart. Get a grip, seriously. If you makes you feel better that you think I work for a company you are not happy with en go ahead. But know this, you couldn't be further from the truth and grip and reality is fading by the second. What a bunch of tin foil h
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