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  1. Why not ask the optician for a supporting statement, that should make it clear cut and your appeal should be confirmed.
  2. Don't see why they would or why they should really. Why can't the op just pay the £55, it's better than some of the other rail fines seen on here.
  3. It's means they have your email and will reply in due course.
  4. Course they were as the op has stated he knew they were double yellows.
  5. Something good that could come out of it, and I would love to see real, honest stats on this, is how many real criminals were caught using these operations. It's fair to assume common criminals don't pay their fines and if only one burglar, robber etc was caught that otherwise might not be (even if by luck), is that not good for the population as a whole? It does say if other offences come to light, then further action could be taken. Maybe this is why the police are involved. You may call me naive, and this is probably about getting people to pay their parking penalties, but if it has the side effect of catching real criminals then I'm for it. If the people stopped have a genuine belief that the ticket wasn't given to them for good reason, then they can drive off. As I said in the other thread, if it's fair cop and they just avoided paying thinking it would go away and the price got hiked up as a result then that's their fault. Just my two cents worth.
  6. No of course if the ticket was issued in error and they've made a mistake, then of course you should challenge it. Like the old fella in the program, I was fully behind his appeal. But if the ticket was a genuine one, then these people who parked incorrectly should be paying as soon as they can to keep the bill down, not bury their head in the sand and ignore it or fight it when they know they were in the wrong, letting it rack up and multiply in the mean time.
  7. People keep asking that and they've proved it time and time again. The games against arsenal, spurs, Everton, at old Trafford and man city. Thing is Jose likes to stifle the game, play slowly and bore the hell of the spectator. If he tries to play for the draw at anfield, that will suit us as they need the win. If he comes and attacks us, that will also suit us, just like it did versus city. I don't think city or Chelsea, if they win it, can truly say they deserve it.
  8. Regardless of how it was issued, surely if you were in the wrong, you have a moral responsibility to pay the fine in the first place?
  9. She had a point though, if people paid their fines in the first place, they wouldn't be as bad as they were. Yes the old bloke was right to appeal, but many of those cases could have easily been people not giving two hoots about where or how they park and they got a fine for doing so.
  10. Well to be fair, it doesn't actually say you never opened the accounts, it's just looks you dispute them, which could mean you took them out but tried to cancel etc. Maybe in trying to keep it brief you missed out key detail, if you can prove you were not the person who signed the agreements, I doubt it will need to go as far as the courts. Surely the CEOs office can sort this out? I'd follows stus advice and get proof from your employers as they are bound to ask for it.
  11. Not sure how it would take two years to look into this and you would accept that. Ignoring the debt collection letters would never be advised either, looks like this was bound to happen along the line. I doubt taking them to court will work as you rung up the bill and ignored the letters for two years. My advice would be to plead through O2 and offer to settle the debts. Hopefully they should be taken off and you can get your house.
  12. I don't see how you can be sure another of the same set will have the same issues. Just because it's a common fault, doesn't mean it will be the same with another set. You might have to take a repair or replacement before you get to invoke that clause. I am not sure on withholding payment. I wouldn't personally as it could slow getting this matter resolved.
  13. Yes, you've possibly invalidated the terms of your agreement with them by replacing the hard drive. Is the screen cracked, or just white?
  14. Okay got it the first time. No need for the spam. As I said I'm sure I've seen hceos collecting on unpaid council tax. If this is incorrect, then I bow to your superior knowledge. You realise that hate is a path to the dark side don't you?
  15. The posts on here though aren't always a true reflection. Don't forget we are only getting on side of the story on here. I thought that hceo's also collected on unpaid fines and council tax etc?
  16. I still don't think the majority of bailiffs act like they did on the tv programme. I wouldn't have allowed them to take my stuff without more of a fight.
  17. I didn't say that you didn't know more than me, did I? I was just taking part in the conversation, doesn't mean I'm not open to learning new information.
  18. I must admit it's the first I've heard of it but I can see it becoming more and more common due to courier fraud/mishaps. I'd prefer the more secure approach as well, as I have been victim of the opposite. Phone company claiming I had signed for something and it never got delivered at all, when the driver was quizzed on the basics of the delivery (colour of door, local landmarks etc) he couldn't answer correctly. Basically he had taken the phone and I was left without one.
  19. You think that's how it's done most of the time? Post April 6th , there is no difference?
  20. Lol, that's a first for me. I have seen coppers go through red lights to stop someone who had littered and another who didn't have his seatbelt on. Maybe you live in a posh county.
  21. Seriously, some of your colleagues are going to cancel their contracts because you didn't get your order?
  22. Sorry didn't see that, just read the first post, my bad. Though he doesn't say it's not possible, he just says that he doesn't want to. Still makes the most sense out of all the options.
  23. Common sense to me would be to have it delivered to your local store and go in ad hd fetch in on your next day off?
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