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  1. Rene, Your advice is much appreciated and I think I will go with the last one as it makes sense at my current position. I am just writing down all the dates and hoping all will be clear in 2014. I have learned my lesson and wether I can or cant get any more credit, I am not taking any to keep the record as is till the end of 2014 and start fresh with a Mortgage then. Regards
  2. Brigadier, Yes you are right or maybe Experian is not showing my full file. I was worried that the Default dates would be diffirent but licku they are the Same. RENE, when you say thats good news, what is? Not having CCJ's? is it a problem If i have these? I am not sure if i should pay more money to check other addresses to confirm? Just looking trough my Equifax and will update my lists as it has some others...... The TSB was Credit Card, I think MKDP maybe HSBC Credit card and Loan not sure. all others Store cards or maybe Mobile phone bills at the time. as for the Payment Protection. I believe I did have these but as I havent even paid the money to them I dont think i should chase them for that lol.
  3. Rene, I have just checked my Equifax FILE too. it Shows the same agreements as Noodle and luckily the Default dates are the same too. Non of the three Credit agencies show any CCJ's. I dont have ay CCJ's just Defaults.
  4. Yep, re registered today with Experian and my Experian file shows nothing but one Default from the above at £303.
  5. Rene, after checking my name on Trustonline.org.uk at my current address, The results are NOTHING REGISTERED. But should I be spending more money and check all my addresses? or does that site check your name and finds any CCJs etc registered? Also, They might not have been able to track me as I have no bills etc registerd against my name nor am I on Electrol roll. I still get calls from DCA's sometime and I deny my identity and say wrong number. They have used all sort of tricks so far INC sending a couriers cards saying I have a package waiting for me, please call this number blah blah blah Also calling my mobile number and immediately saying my first name (for me to say YES) and because I dont recognise the voice I say soryy? lol Then they repeat and I ask who they are? so when they dont tell me, I just say wrong number. several tricks but I have read online forums inc this and gained a few extra cells in the head to avoid them. Regards
  6. Brigaidier Hi. Thank you for helping. I know it sounds outrageous considering the amount of debt I have but I am in no position to pay them but was thinking about starting with the lowest ones first? I am also considering wether to leave it completely as it happened a while ago and lost most of the Money in a silly Business at a young age.
  7. From what I can remember, The link one must be for a vehicle in 2007 and shows as Unsecured Loan on Credit file. Would it now be risky to chase them for the above when I probably have just two years before the default is cleared by age?
  8. Just did a free search on Noodle and saw most of the debts maybe one missing only. Most of the Defaults are 2008 and not by original lenders but DCA's. Some show starting Balance as one number and then alance as another. I am very embarrased to type these here but here they are. TSB £3482 Defaulted: 29/02/2008 Mkdp Llp: £9800 Defaulted: 28/03/2008 Link Financial £10428 Defaulted: 08/12/2007 Lowell: £426 Defaulted: 26/03/2008 Lowell: £269 Defaulted: 22/03/2008 Arrow Global LTD: £265 Defaulted: 11/02/2008 Arrow Global LTD: £419 Defaulted: 05/03/2008 Arrow Global LTD: £394 Defaulted: 09/03/2008 Capquest Investments LTD £440 Defaulted: 16/05/2008 Cabot Financial (Uk) LTD £313 Defaulted: 116/05/2008
  9. Hi Rene, Thank for your help. That was quick. I just ran a check on Trustonline.org.uk and all three parts which are for England and Wales show NOTHING REGISTERED. Dont think I should pay more for Scotland as I have never lived there? Would it be worth asking the DCAs for CCA? as any requests would mean they FOUND ME. haha. I will run checks on other two.
  10. Also, There are no details for my Current active account now? I dont have any Utility to my name but a few years ago when I looked at my Experian file I saw my current account details etc. Not this time though, Is this normal? Would you recommend i check my Equifax file too?
  11. ARROW GLOBAL LIMITED Default Date: 21/02/2008 - Default Balance 265 - Currenct Balance 300 something. This is all I have under my account Information.
  12. Hello, I have just joined this forum after reading some posts that were very interestting and so decided to post my own little question. Here is the story. When i was a little younger I was a huge fan of credit cards and loans and naive enough to spend it all and bury my head. I have not been in touch with any of the lenders or Debt collectors etc However i still get some letters from debt collectors which I still ignore due to financial difficulties. about 4 or 5 years have gone past since and today I have checked my Credit file to find that I have only ONE default showing on my account??? I should have a list of several defaults or CCJ, etc but only one showing a small amount for a parking ticket i think in 2007. My question is where have ALL my other debts go? It hasnt been 6 years yet?? Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank v much in Advace.
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