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  1. Yes it's from early 2000s sometime. Payment is directly to mint.
  2. Hi guys It's been a while but need to call upon your expert advice once again. Made redundant in 2012 and unable to pay a number of creditors, offered £1 payments to all. The only payment still active is to mint credit card with a small balance just over 2k. For the last year wescot credit been chasing me for payment, I have never acknowledged them and continued to pay mint the £1 . Now Cabot have wrote saying they own my account and payments need to be transferred to them. They say they are happy to continue accepting £1 but have slipped in that if I pay £5 I can reduce the time it will take to pay it off, ha really, I wasn't aware of that. As I have never acknowledged wescot or Cabot about this, I suspect they are awaiting my call before they bombard me with the usual threats. Debt has never been on credit file. From previous experience I have learned, I will not be contacting or transferring any payments to any DCA. What my question is though, shall I terminate the £1 payment to mint, if they no longer own the debt ?
  3. Yes Andy, court told us claim is discontinued and a letter received from them confirming the trial has been vacated. And I don't intend claiming costs, so I guess they can whistle for a signature. Ho Ho merry Christmas one and all and good luck to everyone.
  4. Looks like you are right Andy After we emailed them back it took them a week to reply And they still haven't attached any documents. But they did say the consent order is for both parties to agree to pay there own costs. Do I have to do this or can I safely ignore them as they have done to us for 6 months.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. That's the problem Andy, looks like they have forgotten to attach it to the email. So I can't see what it says. Should we email them back to tell them they didn't attach the order or just leave it. Cheers
  6. Hi all Sorry to trouble you again The other half has had an email from pra which reads.. Please find attached a copy of our 17th November discontinuance and consent order. We invite you to read and consider the contents of the draft consent order and then please sign and return the draft order to us by 13th December. Upon receipt of the draft order we will forward it to the court. Can anybody please tell me what they are on about, what consent order? And should I be signing anything and returning to them. The funny thing is they haven't attached anything to the email for me to sign. Thanks
  7. just made another donation to help you guys continue with the excellent work you do for everyone. thanks again
  8. Thanks all, couldn't have done it without your expert guidance. Andy with regards to claiming costs, I think I will let sleeping dogs lye, so to speak. More than happy with the discontinuance.
  9. Omg guys, don't know what to say Mrs just made the call to the courts and guess what........ The claim has been discontinued Thank you all so very much, another donation will be on its way later on, Over the moon to say the least. Thanks again Chris & Mrs chis
  10. Should I be informing the court I am unable to meet the judges directions deadline tomorrow, as the claimant has failed to comply with serving me with their disclosure. Feel like I should be doing something, not just letting the deadline pass. Thanks
  11. Thanks Andy Email sent early today, no reply as of yet.
  12. Hi Still not received anything from them, 3 days left before deadline for inspection of documents. What to do Cheers
  13. After a quick call to the courts it appears that the claimant has responded to the disclosure.....but Only to the court, not to us. The court wasn't really interested and said it's probably on its way to you. The 24th November is the deadline to apply for inspection of documents, how is this possible if I don't know what documents there is. Thank you
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