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  1. Thanks Michael - they didn't send a POPLA code. I've asked for one in the letter i'm about to send - this will be the last correspondence i enter in to with them. We have overwhelming proof we weren't there in between, but even when I put it all down in black and white, they have ignored it. I assume these things almost never make it to court. This is the letter i'm about to send: Dear Sir/Madam Re: Contractual Parking Charge Notice number:- xxxxxxxxxxxx I’m writing to you again regarding you decision to pursue this matter further. I will not be providing you with anything that
  2. I get the feeling they have a stock reply, which not only doesn't conform to the BPA CoP, but also doesn't give you a POPLA verification code which according to the POPLA site they have to do. I also mentioned in the letter to them about the photo's and data protection act, along with us being able to prove where we were, but we have still had a letter stating they are going to continue with pursuance of this.
  3. We met my parents at the car park (Toys R Us near blackheath on the Wolverhampton Road) and then left to go to Ma Pardoes. We paid for everything on my wife's card, so we can prove we were at a pub about 7 miles or so away. My wife, stepson and parents would all happily testify in court that we went to Ma Pardoes and then went back to buy a game from Toys R Us. Also, isn't it illegal under the data protection act, for them to have deleted any photo's the camera's took on the day? Therefore, they must surely have the photo's on their system... The odd thing is my parents did exactly the sa
  4. So, we have had a letter from G24 stating that we stayed in a car park for over 4 hours on a recent Saturday with photo's of us going in and then out again. Whilst we did enter the car park at 12.30pm, we also left (having met my parents there) about 7 minutes later. We then went back to the car park at about 16.50 to visit Toys R' Us to buy a game. They have then included the photo of us leaving the second time and arriving the first time. I sent them a letter stating all the details of what happened on the day, and they are still pressing ahead with the penalty charge notice - ca
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