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  1. Hiya all, again, I am so sorry it's taken this long to reply to this thread, I am just trying to sort a lot of things out and have so much on my mind. Thank you all for this fantastic advice, it is helping me a great deal, I really do want to get this sorted more than anything. The creditors I owe to (theres quite a few) PAYDAY UK £129, TXT Loans £180 roughly, Swift Sterling £188.98 Wonga (I don't know how much as I haven't heard from them in a very long time) Simply be £220, Brilliant Gift shop £250 I also owe mini credit, I haven't heard from them in ages either, I b
  2. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for your good advice, I will respond to this thread properly soon to give you all a clearer picture of what is going on (I just did but have deleted it as it came across as a bit rambling) Thank you all again....
  3. Hiya Everyone, I am new here this is my first post. I joined because I am extremely worried and anxious that I may have gotten myself into a really serious situation. I will be honest from the outset. I am in debt with so many different payday loan companies/ mail order companies that I don't even know what they are any more, so has my mum (who I live with) In November 2011, my mum got a loan with a PDL company, she entered 'MR' instead of MRS and she entered 1 year out of the DOB, she was accepted for the loan and we haven't paid it back. I am now so worried sick
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