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  1. After further discussions with my insurance company have happily wiped this false claim from 'the' database and say I need not declare it to other insurance companies.They say it was a 'Class of claim 50' They have provided a letter also saying that it does not need to be disclosed to other insurance companies.
  2. Thanks for your answer. Would I need to do this every year - or if I complained could it be wiped from the database?
  3. 18 months ago my car insurance company paid out to a third party after they had claimed my already dented car had hit their car. I had firmly denied this to my car insurance company at the time and only learnt of the payout 6 months later when my renewal price was hiked by 50% - roughly the cost of the payout. After complaining they belatedly examined my car and eventually admitted they were wrong to pay out. They gave me back two years no claims bonus and mypremium was cut back to what it had been the previous year. 12 months on when talking to them about this year's renewal I disco
  4. This is obviously the wrong place for this question.Could anyone tell me where to start a new thread on car insurance?Got to say this is a very unuser friendly site especially for technophobes.I even found a thread saying how to start a new thread but couldn't make sense of that either.
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