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  1. I have re-formulated the spreadsheet to take account of these problems: The sheet enclosed no longer has to be 'forced' to start if the account is paid in full every month. If a payment is not made in full it will record the interest on that months PPI payment and continue compounding that interest increasing the compound for each subsequent late payment entry. it no longer compounds all PPI monthly amounts only the ones that are charged interest on. For an acurate compound every monthly statement must be used even if there are no transactions on it and the the totals are zero.
  2. I don't see how thats going to make any difference to achieving a correct calculation. The two Negative entries are credits to the account which show when no other purchases were made, they are not payments. they put the account in credit, in one instance for 3 months. other instances of credits are normally swallowed into the monthly totals by reducing the monthly spend so don't show on the spreadsheet, only on the statements. The interest charges for the late payment in Aug 2006 doesn't show anywhere for interest purposes, and the compound interest column works on the amount of the
  3. I have checked back and found one late payment on the Mastercard where interest was charged, £12.17 I have attached the spreadsheet, but it doesn't take that interest payment into account on any of the calculations. and when a credit is issued to the card it throws a real wobbly. attached the sheet.[ATTACH]46249[/ATTACH]
  4. I think I will send what transaction history I do have to the FOS and let them have a go.
  5. No, I have CC statements that go back to 2005, I have bank statments that list individual payments to each account from 2002 to 2005 and I have HM Revenue returns that detail joint payments from 2002 back to 1996. This means that I have no record of cash payments/part payments from 2002 to 2005 and no archieves from 1992 to 1996
  6. This has now totally confused me. would it be worth while doing a Data Subject Access Request, and would this show any more details or should I now just send the payment details I have to the FOS and let them sort it out?
  7. But obvously there is something they are offering: £59 interest on £187 of PPI and £68 as the 8% on one account £109 interest on £158 of PPI and £142 as the 8% on the other The figures don't make any logical sense.
  8. I really don't understand this, the PPI is charged every month on the spend at 0.4%, this is paid off every month. that monthly amount should now be credited back to me at the purchase interest rate i was contracted to. An amount is shown as the interest on the PPI on their offers then there is also an 8% interest total. So how is that interest on the PPI payments calculated if it is not compound, it is obviously not done at 8% as thats a seperate calculation and total.
  9. Hi ims21. in a previous reply : In the results box you will only need to take note of the premiums pad and the 8% figure and ignore the compound interest. If the balance was cleared each month then no interest would have ben charged to the account. Although the amount was paid off each month, surely they still owe a compound interest on the amount of PPI that was paid to them. If I hadn't paid them they would have compounded the interest at the then purchase interest rate so as I have paid them and shouldn't have, they must surely owe me compound interest at the then purchase interes
  10. Thanks for that. very interesting. The next thing I though of is, were these rates applied to every Barclaycard Visa account ? Mastercard didn't change their rate from 2005 to 2013, it stayed at 19.9% so I presume there have always been seperate rates for both cards. Is there any way of getting Barclaycard to disclose/supply historic rates on an account ?
  11. Hi all Does anyone have historic purchase interest rates from 1992 to 2005 on Barclaycard Visa and MasterCard, preferably with start and end dates of variations
  12. After 4 weeks from my last letter to BC demanding a breakdown of the figures they used to make their offers, no reply has been forthcoming, so yesterday (23rd Aug) I phoned the FOS and lodged a formal complaint about their refusal to explain/verify the amounts and their stonewalling tactics. unfortunately it could take 12 - 18 months. Should I continue to persue BC by letter or just let the FOS take the reigns. should I notify BC of the complaint?
  13. OK, got a reply from BC which was a waste of a stamp. they state How they have done it but not What they have done, not a detail in sight, except, I now have a start date which was March 92. They are now saying that if I require account information I need to do a Personal Data Request also known as a Data Subject Access Request( Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act) for which there is a £10 fee, then send it to the DP Team at Northampton. Also I need to obtain a copy of the Credit Agreement( Known as a section 78 request) and any document refer to in it, the request should be sent i
  14. :?:Seem to have a problem, I wrote to Barclaycard and told them I did not accept their offers and asked for a breakdown of the calculations, interest rates and commencement date of the agreements. This morning I recieved two cheques from Barclaycard in final settlement even though I told them I did not accept it, should I reply to these people again or just take the case to the Financial Ombudsman. I won't cash the cheques.
  15. many thanks, I will instigate that now.
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