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  1. Thanks for all your advice, it really is greatly appreciated. Could I ask how sure are you that by sending the letter denying liability that this would be the end of it? I know you could never be 100% but are you close? Sorry, I'm just really worried that it'll end up costing even more money, that'd just be awful. As would bailiffs turning up (I still live at home and altough my mum knows about it, my dad doesn't...) Thanks
  2. Yes, it's definitely DWF. 'May' is a pretty confusing term. The last thing I want/need is an even bigger fine, so thats the last thing I want to happen... argh, so confused..
  3. I'm in an almost identical situation (albeit truth be told I did know that I what I scanned hadn't went through. For what its worth I stole £5 of goods whilst doing a £70 shop. I'm ridiculous.) This happened 4 weeks ago. The police were called and I received an £80 fine from them aswell as a lifetime ban of sainsburys. At the time nothing at all was said about a seperate £150 fine. I've since received 3 letters from DWF. So far I have ignored them because of the advice I've read on here but todays third letter is making me really really anxious. It states the sum pay increase due to court costs, fees and interest A county court judgement may be entered against you Your credit rating may be affected for up to 6 years A bailiff may attend your house to remove goods to the value owed We may seek a court order deducting monies from your earnings with your employer I'm really really worried now... I can't afford to be shelling out £150, it was hard enough getting together the £80 police fine. Should I now write them a letter denying liability? Is it all just scare tactics? Or should I just pay them? Thanks in advance for your help
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