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  1. I have already posted the google map. There is no signs outside of the land from the public highway. The signs are only in the private car park and there are only 3 signs at the car park.
  2. @FTMDaveYou are welcome. I understand that and I respect you. I have been looking through on VCS claimform threads and I couldn't find it. I will take a look on anniebattlemum's thread. When I find her defence, do I need to write it on MS word, then save it as PDF, print it, sign it and date it, scan it and send the court an email? Is that what you are talking about? 1) I believe that, in August 2018, the claimant did not have the necessary contract with the landowner (The West London Property Corporation Ltd.) authorising them to charge on their own behalf, for any overstay in the Berkeley Precinct carpark. 2) I also believe that, at the time, the parking company did not have planning permission from the Sheffield Planning Department under the Town and Country Planning Act 2007, for their signage at the Berkeley Precinct, and it was therefore not possible for VCS to enter into a contract regarding terms and conditions for parking. 3) I was not the driver on the date in question and the claimant failed to meet the conditions required under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 for keeper liability. The claimant states that the Defendant was either the registered keeper and/or the driver, but has neither named the driver(s) nor provided any evidence as to who the driver(s) was/were. Since keeper liability does not apply, I submit that I am not therefore liable to any charge.
  3. I am sorry but sometimes I find your posts are very poor so I don't always get it. If you say it again I will take a look. As for 2 ppc speculative invoice threads, I do listen and follow anyones advice as I have ignored and I don't contact them. But this one is a different ppc so I have ignored it and now they are making a claim against me. I need to write a draft for file a defence which I haven't found one yet. I have been searching through the forum and there are too many useless threads with no defence.
  4. What you mean? I need to write a draft for a defence. I can see you are not helping me with this.
  5. Okay I have just started to write a draft to put together as defence: In The County Court removed - dx
  6. Because I have to do this before 3rd March as I don't have alot of time so I want to do this asap. No I haven't been fined by the parking company. It haven't say anything about I have been fined on the signature and the letter? I did not receive the PCN when I was parked at iceland.
  7. Can you guys please help me with what I need to input when I fill on the form as I am not sure what to say?
  8. Oh right, I wouldn't say anything like that if I go to court. I will only say with the things such as why I got ticket, why I am defence and whatever it is. Not about the warden who come from the other country. This has got nothing to do with my case. I must read alot of threads? I dont need to do that and I dont have time for it. There is no need to tell people to read alot of threads when I know some area of the law especially there is no contract, they have no proof of loss, they dont have the name of the driver, they are abuse of process, their ticket is unlawful when I dont have the ticket, the land is private as it doesn't belong to them, VCS doesn't seen to be bothered to obey the law, they have trespass the land without the landowner's consent, the signature is poor...etc. What you said is making me laugh. I dont need to read alot of threads unless I have to do. I know someone who had a same case as mine as the same parking company but she didn't need to do to read alot of threads. One day she went to court and the case was last 5 mins. The judge asked her what was the reason that she defence her case. She told the judge that she defence her case because she have no contract with the company, there is no loss and she don't owe them anything. The judge asked her if she had a ticket on her windscreen and she said no. Then the judge asked her if she have a letter from their solicitor and she said no letter from the solicitor. The judge asked her where she parked her car and she said she parked her car in a private land. The judge said that he can see there is no loss and the company have got no proof of loss, it was unlawful to fine her as she didn't have a ticket on her windscreen and the land are private, so the case got thrown out.
  9. What it make you think there is a risk to this strategy as I will get hit for costs? They cant win because I have got no contract with them and they dont know who was the driver at that time. The last parking company I had they took my neighbor to court and the parking company have lost their case because the land are private land as there is no loss so I think it will be same happens to me. I will win because the land are private and there is no loss for the company when I parked in a private land.
  10. Thank you, I have posted the letter with 1st class stamp with free proof of posting.
  11. Thank you, I will do that. One thing I dont have is their solicitor name as I have not receive any of their solicitor letter in the post. How I can find out the name of their solicitor for me to put in the template? I will print it off and send it tomorrow.
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