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  1. On the pcn it also says the notice is being served to the owner do not pass this on to the alleged driver
  2. Hi guys thanks for the response the pcn is from hammersmith and fulham and is addressed to the company and has been forwarded onto me I was full time employed and i cant anything written to the contract about pcns or the drivers manual No disclaimer signed ...the vehicles were on a 3 year lease and used by employees for buisness and privately there is a copy but no photo as of yet
  3. Hi all I have recieved a parking fine from my old employer which i left around 3 months ago its one hundred and thirty pounds looks like its already been increased in price once and threatens to go up..... Iam not the owner of the vehicle its has been leased to them and i dont remember if i parked there or do they have any proof it was me who parked there this is a massive global company and i dont want to pay out for something i may not of done Any help would be appreciated Thanks Chris
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