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  1. Thank you dx100uk and Michael. Here is the URL for the exact location https://maps.google.co.uk/?ll=51.38776,-0.74294&spn=0.000003,0.002572&t=m&layer=c&cbll=51.38778,-0.742813&panoid=bqhlDQraSW98oi2ZckeKVg&cbp=12,126.09,,0,21.93&z=19 I note from google that the lines have been painted on since. Just another way of getting money out of people, they could have painted the lines on the verge as opposed to the road! [ATTACH=CONFIG]41446[/ATTACH] I have also added a picture of the car and location to show that it really wasn't disturbing anyone and was we
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first ever post in any forum. I have tried to read everything to make sure i am doing it right, forgive any errors and sorry if I have placed in the wrong section. I found this forum because i was reading someone's story concerning Vinci Park (and flashpark) and I really do not want to give money to what appears to be nothing more than a [problem]! Last Sunday I parked my car on a verge beside the road so as to take the dogs for a walk in the local forest. There is a large indent (almost a lay by) off the main tarmac of the road and a gate ther
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