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  1. Good morning everyone sorry for being late i was working a lot of hours this last days. Thank u for ur answer slick and im gonna answer ur questions: 1- probably its cos i left the cardholder empty when i filled up the contract, cos the rest its perfect. 2- nobody contacts with me during this months and even now nobody call me or send me an email or letter. 3- no, i didnt recive any letter yet from any agencie or Dw company. Will be good if i go to the bank and cancel all the payments that they could do in the future? Thank u very much for urs advices
  2. thank u for the first answers, yeah im so worry about they can say u ve signed a contract so u must pay the debt even if i didnt go to the gym and my bank account always was allright and the had my telephone number and email.
  3. hello guys First of all i would like to apologize if my english is not enough good to try to explain my situation but everybody knows we are in England to try to learn William Shakspeares language loool Well 6 months ago I signed a contract with DW gym but they had a problem with my bank account so I couldnt go inside and they didnt take my money out, now i would like to know what is gonna happen: Can they ask me for this 6 months contract? If i not cancel are they gonna increase the debt? What do u recommend me? They still didnt put in contact with me thank u very much for ur help an
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