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  1. I think it is obvious. The foreign authority will follow what local laws require. So, if jumping red light in Germany is subject to a €2,000 fine, you will receive a €2,000 penalty ticket by post. No, penalty points on a driving licence can only be applied by DVLA and this Act does not change it, nor does it instruct DVLA to accept penalty point requests from any foreign authority. So, additional penalty points are out of question. Worth noting that this is nothing new and UK drivers have long been receiving penalty tickets from many EU countries while driver data was shared through
  2. @green_and_mean: Blessed are ye that having nothing to say keep their mouths shut. FYI: - Skerne Road is NOT within a controlled zone - For Blue Badge holders, a permit bay and a no-stopping street make a huge difference - Not all people "buy flats" - half of the Skerne Road development belongs to a housing association - There is no closer car park for the Bentalls shopping centre and for the John Lewis store You are most welcome if you want to reply to my question. But if you just want to increase your reply counter, be kind enough to go elsewhere.
  3. It was open temporarily at its southern end while construction works were going on. Now the blocking posts are again in place. You are most welcome to check it out yourself
  4. Hello, First, look at the Google Street View here: http://goo.gl/maps/3uGzt This is a cul-de-sac with a few residential houses further down the road. No shops or businesses apart from a lone GP surgery. And a pedestrian entrance to a multi-storey car park. Until 2003, the road had 11 time-limited parking bays along its eastern side. This was sufficient as it was at the heart of an industrial estate at the time. What can now be seen as a shiny new residential development along the street, was then a power station. In 2003, a new, privately-owned multi-storey car park was ope
  5. Their legal TA name is "Three" but never mind. We were attracted by the "unlimited text" option. Actually, I signed up online, directly on Three website. I think the grounds for challenge could be that the "delivery confirmation" is technically an inherent part of the Short Messaging Service (SMS) in the GSM standard. Like, if a car manufacturer sells me a "car", they cannot later send me a separate bill for the wheels. Am I wrong?
  6. Thanks... the 1.2p charge is mentioned in the price list which is a part of her contract. Still, this is more about deceipt - as if confirmation was not part of messaging. It is as if Google advertised Gmail as "free email" but charged customers to receive replies. Would that be really "free"?
  7. Hello, My teenage daughter has a £6.90 Three subscription with "unlimited free text messages". But this month I was shocked to receive a bill of nearly £40, including a charge of ~£30 for "text delivery confirmations". It turns out that, according to Three, texting is free - as long as the phone is set not to receive delivery confirmation. But if delivery confirmations are set to "allowed", Three will charge the customer 1.2p per confirmation. My daughter, then, sent more than 2,000 text messages last month. In my view, text delivery confirmation is an inherent element of t
  8. Hello, We have been allocated a housing association flat where tenants have to move in within a week of being advised of vacancy. In late February we were told that we would be moving in around 22 March so we gave our private landlord the required 28-days cancellation notice. However, today we learned that the construction works at the HA flat, which is in a newly built development, are severely delayed and the property will not be ready before May or even June. Is there a provision in the law that a rent cancellation notice can be cancelled, or it only depends on the goodwill of the
  9. I have sent an appeal, let's see what happens. To-date, my housing benefit has not been affected. My adviser said that HB is not their business and I should rather enquire with the local council. Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement.
  10. Confirmed true, except for the travel costs: I was told international travel costs cannot be reimbursed. If you have an interview abroad, you can be out of the UK for up to 120 hours (they ask for flight departure and arrival times).
  11. Some 3 years back, HMRC run a pilot project jointly with DWP and the then Border and Immigration Agency, using a sample of 5,000 benefit claimaints. I couldn't now find a link to the project report but I recall the outcome showed that some 5% of claimants committed benefit fraud related to their immigration status. That made me understand that HMRC/DWP do not receive immigration data automatically. To be honest, from my experience they do not even reconcile their own databases (for example, Tax Office database and National Insurance database are not reconciled and if you, e.g., close a bu
  12. By the way, just to be clear, DWP/HMRC does not receive immigration data from border police (unless they make a special inquiry) - they don't normally know whether a person has travelled abroad or not. Still, I recommend declaring all foreign travel, just to be on the safe side.
  13. Hi, Last year I went abroad for 3 days and made Rapid Reclaim once back. As I did not skip my sign-on day, I was booked with the same adviser as I had before (naturally, the sign-on day stayed the same). My JSA was reduced proportionally but my HB was not affected. If I remember correctly, Rapid Reclaim is done if the time since you last claimed JSA is less than three months. If it's more, you need to make a new claim. Rapid Reclaim can easily be done over the internet or by phone. Hope this helps, k.
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