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  1. So still no further forward. Meeting today basically said contracts being signed tomorrow and full details will be released. Still not sure if this is investment or new ownership, guessing the latter. Will try calling HMRC again today. Was on hold for my lunch break yesterday.
  2. Thank for the link, been trying to chat to someone online but each time I eventually get to put in my name, I'm told they are all busy again, lol
  3. Email so far. Meeting tomorrow. Typical of our company to tell us what has happened after its all been sorted
  4. We have had some clarification and they are saying because we are going to a different PAYE reference, that is the reason why they can't give us a P60. All of our terms and service stay exactly the same. Still sounds strange. I'll check out the links, thank you
  5. I've worked for the same company for 33 years, kind of. 33 years continuation of service. Basically regional electricity company which has gone through many changes and ownership over the years with our contracting division being renamed and rebounded over the years. Recently, we have been informed of big changes involving new investors and a change of payroll office. We have been told our terms of employment will be remaining the same but as we are moving to a different payroll office or system, instead of getting a P60, we will instead be receiving a P45! Alarm bells ringing, is this normal/allowed/legal?? Have a meeting coming up to discuss exactly what's happening to us as a company and I want to be able to quote correct law regarding this matter. Any help or advice appreciated.
  6. Been a while but I had a reply from Apex and have attached it for you to look at. Apparently the case/law I quoted was incorrect. In the draft I downloaded it stated the year 1926 but it appears it should have been 1925. Can someone please clarify exactly what law/case I should have been quoting ( and explain it in laymans terms ) Under the law I quoted I asked to see all communications regarding the sale of my debt but as you can see from the reply, because I didnt get it exactly right, this information has not been forthcoming. They sent me 2 copies of letters ( on plain paper ) both dated 9th Nov 2009. Both letters had my name spelt incorrectly and as such were either binned or returned to sender. We were having a lot of unsolicited calls at the time by companies offering debt help and all quoted the same wrong name. They have, as a gesture of goodwill, suspended all collection activity on the account for 21 days from the date of the letter. Isnt that sweet! Been years of nothing! So, what do we think? I think I need to write back to clarify the law and once again ask to see all communications etc from the sale of the debt.
  7. Had to laugh....have him bang to rights, just made me think Jog On Kitty! lol. If they want the money its not going to be easy for them. Egg should have played ball in the beginning. Im older and wiser and this time around not worried by any of their shenanigans. Do I owe them money, yes probably. Will I pay, probably but only after making them jump through hoops and only when it suits and even then you can be sure it will be less than what I offered Egg 1st time around! Bring it on!
  8. Hadnt read your reply properly, I will indeed send a CCA once I get a reply about assignment. Excellent help all, much appreciated.
  9. I will send separately, I just meant one trip to the post office. My bad.
  10. I didnt actually contact Apex with a CCA request, I just got the letter and copy of agreement out of the blue. Will send Apex the request for assignment, SAR to Egg ready to post. Might as well send both together.
  11. Many thanks Ken, thought that was the case. Will send it off tomorrow and wait for the reply.
  12. No problems, I appreciate you trying to help. On page 18 I think I see something about how the payments are to be allocated and there are some charges on pages 15 and 19 but these have different values to them.
  13. @fletch70, I posted the agreement up above, all signed. Will SAR Egg. Just need to sort out what address to send it to. From the sticky but from May 2007, it shows address as The Recon Ops & Clearance (DSIR) Team Egg plc Point North Waterfront West Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 1LU And later in same post, from 2009, Customer Relations Office, EGG, Riverside Road, Pride Park, Derby, DE99 3GG I just tried googling and came up with this address so guess its the best one???
  14. Just double checked some paperwork and I have a default notice from Egg dating to March 2008. OK, so do I need to send the SAR to Egg or Apex and if Egg, would you happen to know if the Derby address is the correct one?
  15. Not 100% sure but I was paying Egg. I have made no payments to Apex so if what we said above is correct, then no payments since March 2010.
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