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  1. No, my company and the supermarket are not related but are very close geographically..... I suppose the security personnel may know each other, I do not know...
  2. How would I have known? This never happened to me before... And will never happen to me again. It's been a week and so far I have not received any ackward call from HR/manager.... I have not received the RLP letter either. So, you mean that I could sue them if they contact my employer when I have not even been reported to the Police?? Not that I am planning to do so, just out of curiosity...
  3. LaughingGirl. I might consider looking for advise/ treatment, but not for this. I am a very strong person but things are not going the right way lately and I think I will have to pay for it sonner than later, this is only the begining.... If my employer is contacted, I'll deal with it the best I can.... Thanks for your interest
  4. Don't worry. That is my job! No one can belittle me more than I do. As I said, I was not proud, now I am also ashamed and very remorseful... I would have never disclosed that info if not from the anonymity. I see the phisical and psicological damages such a stupid thing can deliver in return... Never, ever, again. Thanks again!
  5. No, I am not an employee of the supermarket. I work for a company that is very close to the shopping center. I actually did all my groceries shopping there, PAYING FOR IT!.
  6. Renegadeimp. We are not talking he about RLP contacting my employer but the manager of the store I was caught shoplifting from.... Could the supermarket directly contact my employer and let them know of what happened althought the police was and until has not been informed? If my employer knows could they fire me althought the amount of the item wass less than £5? Sorry to insist but I am very worried. Thanks
  7. @bazzaS. I really hope they do not contact my employer. Not because is the job of my life, I just could not bare the shame of being fired for this... My confidence has been shaken and due to some recent sad episodes on my personal life I do not think I could survive this...
  8. Thanks! Your response brings some piece of mind althought I am still ashamed and will take sometime before I can look myself in the face again.
  9. Thanks for the responses. But one of my questions is still unanswered: If they saw me taking items before why did they not stop me then and there? Can they use this against me in this issue grows further? Thanks
  10. Hi, I was caught shoplifting yesterday in a supermarket a really small item, less than 5£ in value. I left the store and an employee was waiting for me outside. He asked me if I had something in my pocket I did not pay for and I took the item out straight away admitting it. He then took me to a small room were I was patronised by the store manager for a while. My details were taken from my drining license as well. The manager then went away with the guy that stopped me and when came back said that his decission was to ban me for life to enter any branch of the supermarket store and was also banned to enter the shopping center for 6 months. The police was not involved and was informed that an RLP letter was going to be sent to me to pay a quantity as a fine. I have read similar threads and I want to believe that since the police was not called in the fisrt time it is unlikely to be called now, althought this is causing me a great deal of anxiety. What worries me the most is that the manager saw my badge from work and mentioned that they may contact my employer and let them know and that I would be fired. When being about to leave the room the guy that stopped me mentioned that stopping me was no coincidence as they have been monitoring me for a while.... My questions are: Will they decide to call the police after all? If they do, will the police come to my house? Could they contact my employer and inform them of what happened? If they saw me taking other items in the past, why did they not stopped me then and there? Can they use this if the police is finally called? I am really scared and very ashamed of what I did. I see things clear now and what looked like a game before is now my worst nightmare... I have not been able to eat or sleep since this happened... I would take whatever happens to me, fine, court, being fired... whatever, but is the anxiety I cannot manage. Please help! Thanks
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