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  1. Sadly not, he was just in seeing my dad. My dad would vouch but would that be enough?
  2. My brother has been sanctioned for not answering his phone. It was a review by A4E and he was not informed he was being called (a4e says he got sent a letter but he didn't) and when they did call his phone was turned off as he was visiting our father hospital and as it was the cardiac unit it was necessary to switch his phone off. They say that he isn't entitled to hardship payments and should go to a charity for food, while that idea is fine he has missed job interviews as he can't charge his phone and has no way of showering or cleaning clothes for his interviews anyway. The CAB were pretty useless in that they just reiterated what the jobcentre said. I am financially unable to help and live miles away. Only other family is our dad who's in hospital. He has to miss seeing his son at the weekends due to this and his ex will use this a leverage to stop my brother seeing his child again. Can anyone help?
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