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  1. 3 of us approached the line manager.(yesterday) He suggested we speak to the General Mgr. I will do this on behalf of us. I count myself lucky i dont have kids. The other two lads do and i really feel for them. Im fairly militant when it comes to this type of situation so im determined to push for some resolution. Ill try and appeal to the GM in terms of pointing out that the reason we have all been taken on by his company is due to the volume of orders that have backed up and invoicable product isnt going out the door as fast as it could. I dont know wht kind of relationship he has with this agency. Ill keep this thread updated.
  2. This is my first post. So, greetings to all. This “thing” is a first for me but now its happened imfairly convinced that it’s a practice used all too much in the recruitmentindustry. Ill try to be brief. I recently started a new job. Im employed thru a recruitmentagency, to workfor their client in a warehouse role for £6.59p/h. The jobs’ fine. Nice people,my line manager is really friendly and helpful and all is good. During my registration/interview,with the agency ,I was told among other things that plenty of overtime wasavailable there. ( I should of asked for more detail in hindsight. Instead I justsaid great). And why not. Overtime is how those of us at the low end of the paybracket top up our meagre wages. So one day I asked my line manager at theclient company about doing some overtime to which he said “yes, as much as you want. Standard overtime is paid at time and a halfand Sundays are double time” Decent enough. So I did some evenings and a full weekend. On payday I expected my wages to be decent but no !! I was only paid the standard rate of £6.59.When I approached the agency I was told that although the client pays overtime at£xxxx we don’t. We pay you overtime at the standard rate !!!!!! I spoke my manager at the client who was completely unawareof this. So all that extra work I did, that extra money went straight in thepockets of the agency. Its disgusting. Theyare basically profiteering and exploiting low paid workerswho are desperately trying to get by and try to do this by working extra hours. Im sureits all perfectly legal but shouldn’t be. If the client is paying extra forovertime then the agency should pass that on to its workers.
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