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  1. Estellyn, that was the easiest explanation i have received in over 8 years, thank you, i will be launching an appeal, not very hopeful as I have 5 hidden conditions including my hearing loss, which in themselves may not be too severe, but have a knock on affect as one triggers the other. Assessor commented that i seemed to hear my name being called no problem in waiting room, well as i sat directly facing the door and was looking at her walk in, and my daughter gestured when she called my name it's not surprising really, oh well, there's always someone worse off i suppose, thank you too HB, ye
  2. Thanks Ruby, suppose it's all worded to confuse, they always expect me to phone but as my hearing is deteriorating I can't do that anymore, Oh and I get lowest rate DLA, would this effect the Incapacity?
  3. Thanks honeybee, now how do i find it again? will it be under the heading WORKS and SOCIAL? I'll get the hang of it eventually
  4. Hi i'm new to the forums and hope I've posted in the right place, my problem is I've just failed an ATOS medical and have been told they are now taking my Incapacity Benefit off me. I was awarded this benefit about 8 years ago after an appeal and for 3 years and numerous queries told i don't get any extra money. Then out the blue I decided to phone again because i had an official form to fill in so needed to know for sure how much I received. DWP told me yes, you get Incapacity, no we haven't paid you it for 3yrs so I got 3 years backpay, then they took it off me, another appeal I got it back,
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