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  1. Hi. I have contents insurance which I bought through RAC, in January unfortunately I had to make a claim, I was passed on to Key Connect to deal with my damage to the sofa. This Key Connect company is part of Gallagher Heath. I am having to chase the company daily to ask on updates with the claim. They ring my landline which I have asked them not to do as it's only used for Internet, I tell them this every time. They have also been giving cleaning companies my wrong mobile number also. I was told that the sofa was beyond repair and asked for the original price I paid, which I did. After there we have 5 days to process this information, I once again had to chase them for information. I was told that a cheque for the original value would be sent out that week. One week on and no cheque. I rang and spoke to them again to be told I now needed to provide a estimate for a new sofa. If I had not rang them when would they have contacted me to let me know I needed to do this. This whole process is very frustrating. I am being told different things from different people in the company. Once again I had to correct my mobile number with them. The man in the centre said "oh yes it's in the notes your number needs to be change" but it still had not been. Am I within my rights to complain regarding the lack of and conflicting communication ? Also when I went to the original sofa shop for the estimate the sofa closest match to mine is over double the price ! Can anyone advise me with this as I am now worried they will think I am being awkward by complaining and what will happen that the sofa is more than what I originally paid ? Thanx in advance
  2. Thank you I have emailed them a copy of my payment records to show that this was paid last summer
  3. Hi I told also received a letter from HL Solicitors saying that I owed Sky £xxx, I was shocked by this letter as I paid my outstanding Sky Balance last year. The company also is asking for money that I actually owed them. After finding bank statements showing I had paid this to a previous company I rang HL Solicitors. Now they want me to prove I paid this lower balance and are requesting my bank statements !! I dont understand how they are asking for this other company is asking for money and more money at that ! can anyone please advise me on this matter thank you
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