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  1. Hi. I have contents insurance which I bought through RAC, in January unfortunately I had to make a claim, I was passed on to Key Connect to deal with my damage to the sofa. This Key Connect company is part of Gallagher Heath. I am having to chase the company daily to ask on updates with the claim. They ring my landline which I have asked them not to do as it's only used for Internet, I tell them this every time. They have also been giving cleaning companies my wrong mobile number also. I was told that the sofa was beyond repair and asked for the original price I paid, which I did. After t
  2. Thank you I have emailed them a copy of my payment records to show that this was paid last summer
  3. Hi I told also received a letter from HL Solicitors saying that I owed Sky £xxx, I was shocked by this letter as I paid my outstanding Sky Balance last year. The company also is asking for money that I actually owed them. After finding bank statements showing I had paid this to a previous company I rang HL Solicitors. Now they want me to prove I paid this lower balance and are requesting my bank statements !! I dont understand how they are asking for this other company is asking for money and more money at that ! can anyone please advise me on this matter thank you
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