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  1. Hello CAG Can you help. You have been very helpfal to me in the past so i am wandering if you can help me with this situation. I have recieved a SINGLE JUSTICE NOTICE PROCEDURE i has given me 21 day to fill out and return the forms that was 25 day ago. yes i know i should have returned them but honestly i dont even open my post any more becouse it seem like there is somebody always chassing me for money..... to say the least i am feeling more and more stressed as time goes on and i have a "i dont care attitude" which i know is not healthy. I phoned the relevent speeding
  2. Hello Every One.... Upto Date News As you can see its been about 3 yrs sinse i last posted with my problems. PLEASE NOTE ALL THE ADVICE THAT I HAVE HAD FROM THIS SITE HAS BEEN FANTASTIC. All letters have stopped and hassle from money chasers. Thank you so much CAG .... Keep up the great work...
  3. Hi there, I have just recieved this from lloyds saying that they sold the debt by mistake and they have now bought the debt back and put back into the hands of Westcot..... Again should I just ignore them.
  4. Thanks dx You have been great helping me with all your advice, The worries and stress has sent me crazy at times. I'll just wait and see what happens. Like I said in my earlier posts I hope this helps someone else with the same issues. Thanks once again...
  5. hI Every One Well I have been getting mail from but this is the latest. It seems to me that the matter has been signed over to HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 LIMITED It writes to advise me that by an agreement dated 15/10/13 lloyds commercial has assigned all of the rights, obligations and benefits associated with the above account to Hoist Portfolio 2 holding (hph2 ltd) to whom all monies are now due. Please disregard any prior notices that yo may have received from us. Please note that Westcot credit services are managing your account on our behalf.... So i think
  6. Hello So it has gone quiet for a while until this. can you help me please..
  7. Any ideas on what my next move should be.... These termites still call me every week.
  8. Hi dx the document i sent was the draft request for assignment which you posted on the post. Draft request for assignment - Amended Draft - Copy.doc thanks
  9. Sorry for not responding sooner yes I have a loan and credit card debt. I still have not had any copies of any paper work. I have also sent them a draft request for assignment this was over a month ago and all i have had is the letter from lloyds saying that Fenton Cooper are acting for them. No proof has been sent as requested by myself.
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