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  1. Hi, yes I do still use it. Apart from in the early stages of my claim when they sent the standard letter which included the threat to close my account I have had no other threats. I did have a couple of other accounts ready to use just in case but at the end of the day it is a big hassle moving.
  2. well, I have only just put my letter together as I have been busy with my claim against Abbey, was due to appear in court on Monday but they paid up in full today so Lloyds are next!
  3. Thanks Guys for the responses!! I have my money, got a deposit into the account today, although I did have to remind Inga that I would go ahead with the court hearing on Monday if the payment didnt appear. Not sure who is next, Tesco were easy but Abbey were very very hard, perhaps Lloyds TSB on my partners behalf. I have the statements so I am ready to go
  4. I think I may have just won!! Inga has called to say they still havent found my file but have got my bundle from DLA and are aware that the court hearing is on Monday. I did fax Inga my documents during the christmas break so she new the figures but I mentioned that if settlement wasnt made before end of December that further costs would be added. Inga asked about these costs and I told her they were for my time and money spent on preparing my bundle, Inga said I wouldnt be allowed to claim for these as my claim was under 5K but that she wasnt going to argue and asked me how much I wanted!! Not wanting to be greedy I asked for £50 and she agreed and is sending my confirmation via email today! I am trying not to get too excited but I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nothing at all from Abbey, no bundle and the court date is now less than 2 weeks away. I am hoping to sit in on a couple of hearings in the next few days so when I go to court I will ask if they have heard from Abbey.
  6. Hi Ron, thanks and good luck to you too! I do hope your wait isnt as long as mine
  7. Hi Karne, Nothing at all from Abbey, the court told me I should send my stuff to DLA as I have had no notification of the change so I did, as far as the court are concerned DLA are still acting for Abbey. I am going to sit in on some cases in the new year as soon as they are open! I hope to catch a few the week before my hearing, I do hope Abbey havent found my file, that is the last I heard from Inga. I have faxed her a copy of the court letter giving the date and time of the hearing and a copy of my schedule of charges but I dont know if she will be working due to the holidays.
  8. Thanks for the reassurance, most peeps that have been with me along the way have dissapeared due to settlement six months on and I am still here (not that I dont like it and I have won one claim against Tesco:-)) My hearing is on the 15th at 2pm and it is for the "hearing of the claim" as the Judge has considered the case, at least it will mean a day off work!!
  9. well, I hope you all had a good christmas, I am looking forward to the New Year and my looming court date. Abbey never got back to me so I will see them there (if they find my paperwork that is!) Bundle all ready to go, any last minute advice gratefully received. Below is a sumary of what is in: Copies of all letters (except the one Abbey sent me marked without prejudice. Should I enclose my reply though??) Schedule of charges to date Statements with charges highlighted Case law summary * Early day motion from H 0f P Dunlop V New Garage * UTCCR 1999 * UCTA 1977 * SOGA 1982 * OFT Statement summary * all courtesy of Bookworms entry in the library TY
  10. Well, got home today and found a letter from the court, the letter is in reference to the letter I sent on the 5th November!!! I thought they had ignored it, or taken it into account when setting the hearing date. Any way it state the judges comment as "If the claimant wishes the court to deal with any issue before the hearing she must make an application in accordance with CPR rule 23." To be honest I dont feel like doing anything with this, I will just submit my pack and hope for the best, my court has leant in Abbeys favour for sometime now The letter was sent before the hearing date was given, as I was fed up with Abbey flouting the deadlines set and getting away with it. Abbey have not yet met one dealine given by the court!
  11. Thanks for that, I am just starting to get things together now, cant believe I am doing this at christmas!! I thought this would have been done and dusted a long time ago. Anyway I still havent faxed anything over to Inga as I wasnt sure if I should, as they have lost my case. I havent heard from them at all since I last called and Inga told me they still havent found my case
  12. Well, I have now called four times, and only just managed to speak to Inga Kirkman. Now one have ever returned my calls either (doesnt suprise me) ANYWAY they still havent found my file and have no details at all on my claim, Ms Kirkman has asked me to fax over my claim form so that it may help to find my file!! Any ideas guys?? Should I help them out or should I let them stew and see them in court?? Also, if anyone has any info that may be useful when putting my court park together I would be most grateful, at this time of year there are lots of other things to do!!! I want to get my pack in before christmas as I am not sure how the holidays count, and my hearing is quite early in January (15th), so I thought maybe to hand in my pack on the 22nd?? :D
  13. Hi all, I got an excess charge notice the other day when I over stayed after paying £2 to park for 4 hours. I was only a little late but had been delayed at work so couldnt help it. The charge is £35! The ticket doesnt mention any times other than my ticket had expired (doesnt say by how long) It does say that the Warden noticed it at 2:24 and issued the ticket at 2:25. I have written to the council to ask that it be squashed because I couldnt help being late and it wasnt intentional. I had paid to park until 2:12 and work until 2pm (the car was outside work on the street) so I had bought enough time and couldnt have forseen that I would have to stay later at work. What does anyone think about my chances?? I couldnt find anything about ECN on here, only PCN so started this thread!
  14. Well, as they havent got back to me as promised I called again today and they still havent found my details!! I do look forward to the court date sooo much!!
  15. Ha ha ha ha. Guess what? Inga has just called me, and, after an extensive search they have come to the conclusion that may claim doesnt exist!! I find this absolutely hilarious and wish I hadnt called them now, it would have been great to turn up at the hearing and wait for Abbey to show, or not to as the case would have been. I do hope that my contacting Inga has helped my case along the path of settlement ;-)
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