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  1. Hi thx for the replays The contract was done by the council they put us in this flat with a private Lanlord but as a temporary the first agreement was done for 6 months which ended last month now I have no idea what is gonna happen about the notice I'm not sure i did read it and hasn't got anything about notice or eviction
  2. Hello there have been in temp acc for 6 months now Lanlord selling the flat have to rush back to the council.,. Just wandering can someone help me explaining can and what can the councillor help ?? Is unfair being moved every six months with three children Regards
  3. Hello everybody Here is the latest news after bailiffs family moved by the council in a Lanlord flat said it will be temporary but a new measure they try not to send family's with kids in b&b. The flat was not bad but as there are single glass windows all the cold outside can be felt inside. But they r happy not to put the kids in more stress .
  4. Hello there Update; As for these case X changed address (moved) has just been to check for any old post and found two letters from rlp basically asking for the outstanding amount and letting know that ignoring these letters will make things worse and maybe theyr client may take actions and go to court as they gave rlp her details. Any advice?
  5. NO NO I mean 2012 They were shocked as you as they were reading that letter now phone calls have to start Monday which they probably will say "is a genuine mistake" which ppl should accept but when that mistake is done by ppl they will take it in consideration and put a big full stop.,
  6. Yeah hi to everyone just updating they went with the letter to the council they took a copy of that. Now they send an appointment letter which will be dec 2012
  7. This is why I thought to ask here because they were not sure what to do if they tell the hb to soon and things go bad or if they wait a bit more and hb makes it worse with charges!!!! They wanted to know after what time or how many days or weeks of work they should notify Thx regards
  8. Thx for the advice told them they will go on Monday As if it comes for the bailiffs they told me they will try to keep the kids in school or a friend is not fair to them is enough they have to deal with the movement cos they were born in that house
  9. just to update abot 3 days age letter received by the court asking to give possesion of the house to the ll by xx.xx.xxxx date and a sum of £2xx.xx to pay to claimant (LL)
  10. until now he was working part time only just started full time and they had part of rent payed by HB thats why wanted info how it works out or what they should do?thx
  11. but because he just started work this week do they need any payslep
  12. how can someone stop hb is a family a couple with 2 kids and the husband just started to work full time and want to cut off the housing benefit what should they do
  13. Thats what i told her but her only worry is if debenhams will or can take her to court??
  14. Thank u in advance will let u know if they get any other leters!!
  15. They are in receive of benefits thats for DD and yes they did go to the council as shelter told them so when they received the eviction letter based s21 and the 2 months have passed they thought thats it he wasnt taking them out until a leter came from the court to confirm they r the tenants,,,,-th LL told them he wants to move in himself
  16. Hi there thx for getting back so quick yeah they had 12 months agreement wich ended last october no they did not pay deposit yes all rent up to date they first had a 2 moths notice i think was something based or called section 21 because that has finished and the advicers told them not to leave theyr landlord applyed in court. In the letter just says that the landlord is asking possesion of ......add and to reply back confirming they are the tenants and that the court will decide when they will be leaving. I hope i explained proply
  17. I know a family who is about to become homeless. They are a couple with 3 kids theyr landlord is asking for posession of the house he first gave them 2 months notice now that time ended and he applyed in court they just received a letter from the court lately any advice so i try whatsoever to help them??! Regards
  18. Just to be clear from this point can the store send her to court or no!?
  19. Thank u for yr reply i will let u know as for the shop i dont think my sister in law would want to go back she hardly been out of her house since than
  20. hi there i would like your help and advice please my sister in law was stoped in a debenhams store by the security of the store and the police was called. she had her baby with her so the police let go her with a fine of £80 i was surprised about this cos she is not a bad person never had any problem she is more of a housewife as she has 3 kids and my brother to look after cos he is ill., anyway she did pay the fine but she's been so down since than and scared if debenhams will send any more bills she doesn't want her husband to find out?? my question is what will hapen? she also was benned from debenhams they said forever but in a ban leter they gave her it only says 12 months?? and will they put any picture of hers on the walls of the store?? baring in mind she had never any ppicture taken only cctv i think was in opertaion ?? kind regards
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