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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure I have the desire (or cash..) for legal action, and they haven't necessarily done anything to cause me financial loss, just upset me a bit ! However I'd like to use your words, and any others you can add would be useful. I will write to them - a cease and desist letter - and state this is potentially damaging. Also, I am sure the client (a major name) will see their actions as poor, plus it was done (so my ex-employer thinks) without my knowledge. A letter will show them that I know, and that the client want to listen to me (they invited me to the meeting), so maybe it is enough. Appreciate all advice !
  2. Hi, I left my employment a month ago, not on great terms, as I left to set up another company. I would not attempt to break any of my compete clauses. Today I met with a potential client. This client was not a client of my previous employer, but was a potential client (as is anyone). I was told by a senior director that someone from my previous employer had called them a few weeks ago, obviously after I had left, to state I had in fact been terminated due to some invoicing irregularities. This was the language he used. He would support me and back it up with a statement as he felt it entirely strange for them to do this, as the only reason would be to discredit me or suggest I was not of good character. Needless to say there were no issues of 'invoicing irregularities'. I was quite shocked and upset. So what is the advice? Do I contact my former employee and ask them to withdraw this, maybe suggest I will take it further. Or go straight to legal and sue them?? Help appreciated.
  3. I have just left my employment, not on entirely good terms. In my employment contract it states: You will be entitled to become a member of the Company’s pension scheme and we will pay into an appropriate pension fund on your behalf, on a monthly basis, an amount corresponding to a maximum of 5% of your basic salary (excluding bonus and benefits) subject to any Inland Revenue requirements and overriding legislation. I have been with the company over 2 years, and on many many occasions I have asked for this to be sorted, but they never did. Much was agreed (for all staff, its a small firm) and back payments agreed, but never paid, due mainly to ineffective management and cash flow. What should I do. I have written to say they are contractually obliged to make these contributions and I want to be compensated. But what payments do they have to make to me? the full amount? or do they pay this to an insurance firm?? Not sure. thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have clause which restricts me for a period of 6 months from termination, from competing or enticing staff. In this case, I believed the company was about to be closed and so I discussed with colleagues the possible creation of a company which offered same services. But this would only occur if the existing employer shut down.
  5. Hi Any advice welcome, My employer has suspended me pending a hearing end of this week. The company is in financial difficulty, I know this, I am the Manager. I investigated, on the basis that the company may close, the options for starting a similar business. I discussed with some colleagues to see if they were interested, and one of them reported this to management. They suspended me and suggested via email that I could potentially be planning to steal staff, clients, etc. However nothing actually happened except discussion internally. The company had even been in the process of potentially selling me the business up until 2 weeks ago, but the cost was very high and I pushed back. I will attend the hearing and suggest I will take them to Industrial tribunal for unfair dismissal. Any help on this is welcome. One final point, they have asked me today to hand back laptop/phone immediately. Do I have to do this now, or can I wait to the hearing?
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