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  1. Thank you for your reply. When I spoke to Halifax about putting the money back into my account he told me that there are some guidelines that they like to adhere to but answered indirectly when I asked for more details and to confirm whether these are just guidelines or whether they are lawful practice. I find it strange that it could be lawful for them to take money out of someone's account, regardless of reason, without contacting them first. I think you're probably right that they will want it back ASAP. I just wonder what the lawful procedure would be and if there have been any similar cases where the ruling perhaps went a different way
  2. Hi all, Please could you help with the following issue. Around the 25th Oct 2015, I was due to complete on a few property transactions after buying at auction. On one of them, the finance deal that I had in place collapsed and I was forced to find another method of payment and so my Dad and other family members to see if I could get some cash together. Fortunately, they were able to help and I got the funds through in time to pay. Long story short, my Dad went into his local branch and did a CHAPS transfer for £25,000 which the bank sent to me twice. At the time, I didn't know how much each person was going to send so when I saw two lots of £25,000 come in from him I assumed that £25k was the maximum he could send in one go (as it is for my bank) and that he'd done it twice. Assuming that it had come through from my Dad, rather than as a mistake, I spent the money on getting the place paid, some work done, and some other payments that needed to be made. My Dad then contacted Barclays after he saw two faster payments had been sent instead of the CHAPS that he had paid for after realising that he was now way overdrawn. Barclays have put the money back into his account as it was their mistake and not his. Since finding this out from my Dad calling me, I have made contact with the Barclays employee who made the mistake to arrange a solution. He told me on Tuesday that he'd get back in contact with me Wednesday after speaking to his team leader. This didn't happen. I've since tried calling twice with no answer. I had a look at my online banking today to make a payment and saw that the balance I had remaining had been taken by Barclays. I need the money in there to pay for bills etc so called Halifax (my bank) to ask why they allowed this payment without any authorisation from me or any contact with me. They have now put the money back into my account and are going to be in contact with Barclays to find a way forward. My questions are: 1) Is it legal for the bank to just take the money out of my account without contacting me? 2) Although I have no major issue paying the money back, am I legally obligated to considering it was their mistake and I spent it thinking it was given to me by my Dad? 3) I don't currently have the full amount available to pay back. What would be the suggested way forward if the answer to 2) is Yes.? Many thanks in advance for any help given, Alex
  3. "You are required to appear at 9:45hrs on 20/11/2013 at Swansea Magistrates' Court held at... to answer to the charge that on the 06/08/2013 you were the registered keeper of vehicle ... which did not meet the insurance requirements, contrary to section 144A(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988" the car in question was written off in an accident on the 03 dec 2012... i didnt notify them of that straight away because i wasnt aware that i needed to they sent me a letter after (cant remember exact date) saying that i needed to pay a fine because of it which i did (the date i paid was the 17th of may) i also told the person then that i thought it was the insurance that told them and they said it was my responsibility so no problem.. i paid. i then sent them a letter to inform them of the details of the salvage company etc like they advised me to do after paying the fine to make them aware i wasnt the keeper anymore etc. i didnt have the log book anymore (lost it) so sent them a letter instead. they said that would be fine as long as i have all the details on the letter. I havent heard anything since then until i got this requisition im wondering if i am liable for anything seeing as i sent a letter to them? from reading other posts it seems to be enough to send the letter but not my duty to make sure they get it? also.. is there a difference between this requisition? ive heard of a summons but not this... is it the same? and can i not have a hearing at a place closer to where i live?? i live in southend so swansea is far to travel. if i do have to go there can i claim back costs?
  4. Thanks for the reply Yeah I shouldnt really generalise this by saying up north is ok but that isnt themain point. Would that have held up do you think if it was and was within the appeal timeframe? Main thing is that she actually boarded at a non penalty fare station so none of this should be happening at all but wasnt sure how that all works outside of the 21 day thing Ive sent an appeal ircas now so will see what happens next and probably post the result.. lets hope for the best!
  5. Fair enough.. better to pay less than more. Just frustrating she didnt say anything to me sooner.. wouldve posted on here and sorted it! I only know a little about fare stations.. not enough to say much but she didnt know at all and thoyght was ok to get tickets on the train like she does up north. Isnt too much of a problem.. just a little frustrating to know if that if correct information was either given by her/written by them it would be nothing
  6. I realise its late but better to ask late than not at all.. it is convenient to board at the airport seeing as I live 2 minutes from there and 20 from victoria. Im sure if necessary camera checks can confirm this?
  7. Good afternoon all! I will list the series of events leading to where we are now and hope that someone may be able to best advise me on what action to take moving forward: 11th june girlfriend came to visit in southend (goes uni in lancaster) 12th june gets a train from southend airport to stratford train was there so didnt get on the ticket before boarding (says its normal up north to be able to get tickets on train so didnt know) ticket inspector comes round and asks where started from and she said southend ticket inspector put down southend victoria instead of southend airport (not sure if this is what she said or what he assumed.. cant remember) she got penalty fare.. paid for the single to get there at the time and was told to pay the rest of the fine within 21 days but didnt. letter dated 5th july was sent to her old uni address which she gave cos wasnt quite finished at the time when giving it but had finished and was living with me before getting the letter and so yesterday went back for graduation and saw it says this: on 12 june 2013 , you travelled from southend victoria to stratford (london). because you were unable to show a valid ticket or any other authority to travel, greater anglia gave you a penalty fare notice under the penalty fare rules 2002. the penalty fare notice explained that you may appeal against the notice not later than 21 days after the journey. accoridg to our records you ahve no appealed, and you have now forfeited the right to appeal. the paymet now due is £12.60 plus an administration fee of £30.00, making a total outstanding of £42.60. in order to settle this matter and to avoid further costs, please now make sure your payment reaches us within 14 days of the date of this letter. you can pay online... etc what im wondering is that because it was southend airport and not southend victoria does she have to do anything? as far as i am away southend airport is a non penalty fare station and so shouldnt have anything happen anyway? is there anything that can be done regarding incorrect information? also obviously not good that taken so long to do something about this but not getting the letter etc wasnt anything that could realistically have been helped.. the 21 days thing could have been but she lost the slip she got and i dont remember it saying anything about how to appeal on it but i could be wrong. as far as i remember just said what to do to pay the rest can we do something to avoid paying anything more seeing as its a non penalty station? or is it too late for that now? also.. it said to pay within 14 days of the letter being sent which we have now passed seeing as only got it yesterday.. what usually happens next and how quickly does this happen after the 14 days? just wondering how much time we have to act thanks in advance for the help!!
  8. On the court summons there was a contact phone number for the prosecutions department which I called today. I explained the situation and that obviously I did not want to go to court. The guy seemed very helpful and said that if I send over details of the new railcard that I have then it may be able to be sorted but with an administrative charge. I've now done that and waiting to hear back. Thanks for the replies. I figure from what you've said it would be best to proceed in this way as I'm guessing I have no chance of getting a better result if going through court? Also, if I go to court and am found guilty, would I then have a criminal record?
  9. Asked and bought at ticket office And charges are: Entering a train for the purpose of travelling without a ticket entitling travel
  10. Hey all On 3rd Dec 2012, I had to travel from Enfield Chase to Southend Central. I had never done this journey before so asked at the ticket desk the best route. He told me which way to go and so I bought a ticket using a 16-25 railcard which was not checked. Turns out the railcard was a few days out of date and a RPI pointed this out when inspecting my ticket. My issue is that I could barely understand a word she said and had very little knowledge on what to do in the situation. I gave her my details after she pointed to 'name' etc on her pad. I handed over my driving licence to make it easy to take the details. Following this she put out her hand as if awaiting payment for something and so I asked her what she wanted and what for. She said 20£ and I couldnt make out anything else. I did ask her to explain what she was doing and why but she just handed me a slip saying i could travel between enfield chase and i think highbury and walked off. I did follow her and ask what the slip was for and what happens now because she had taken my other ticket. she ignored me and carried on. I got a letter of NIP asking for details of what happened to be sent back on an attached form but there was no form attached. I sent an email to first capital connect customer relations saying that there was no form and saying that i was happy to pay for any charges that i owed but wanted to know how to go about doing so. they did reply saying i needed to contact the prosecutions department directly to which i replied asking for an email address. they didnt reply for several weeks and when they did, no details were given. I also asked in the previous email for what i said to be passed on to those who could deal with the situation. i come home today and find i have summons for the 15th feb although it has a date saying 14th jan sent. i cant understand why it would take from the 14th until now to arrive but i guess thats not important... what im curious about is where it says on the witness statement that i said yes to 'caution understood' which certainly wasnt the case.. and the fare outstanding is £3.60. There is no signature for me because i wasnt given a chance to sign anything... 1) if i knew it was only 3.60 instead of the 20£ she was asking for i wouldntve cared at all and just given her some money. 2) why does it say caution understood if i never said it was? 3) does it change anything that its not signed by me? also please advise on what best to do from now as i really dont want to have to pay the 120£ fees they are asking for on a fare of 3.60 also.. i ended up having to buy another ticket anyway to get to where i wanted to because the slip she gave only took me part way and she took the other ticket... is this relevant at all? thank you
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