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  1. Hi, thanks removed the links. I will e-mail them(do you think thats ok?) Stating that i have one hat left(which i have) and will destroy it(provide picture). with what i made from it and how many think i sold about 15 (4-15 profit each), i think it will be hard to find proof i have bought only this much. i have order sheets on ali-express, but as i ordered more hats(only about 15 are new era though). Should i give suppliers details? Thanks, brian
  2. Hi their is not exact amount untill i send them the profits made. I have just tried to post the links/images but im unable to untill my post count is above 10 ! I will try put in my sig Doesn't seem like its just debt collectors. Thanks so much for the help so far guys
  3. Yes they request that the undertakings goto New era cap company limited in aylesbury hp18 0xb Which is the correct addressfor new era
  4. I thought as much. But it seems the letter has come from new era hat company itself? It does say on the start of the letter i am acting on behalf of new era.... But signs off with brand protection part of new era Brian
  5. So i ordered some snapback caps from china via ali express, i genuinly did not realise they were fake at the time(but after reading into it a bit more now, i believe they are). They were sold through eBay. I sold maybe 12-15 'New Era' ones. Two listings were took down by eBay under the request of 'New Era inc'. I then received a letter stating I have sold and offered the sale of a quantatiy of counterfit New Era hats and this constitutes civil trade mark infringement. They want me to: Sign and comply with an undertakings letter(via post). Provide details of any counterfit go
  6. Hey im in the same situation but i have not sent off the undertakings letter. Any adivce??? Thanks, brian
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