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  1. Im currently on job seekers allowance and have been looking for a job for ages. My luck suddenly looked up and I was offered a job working in a call center through an agency. Knowing I would be getting paid within the month I took a payday loan through a company called swift sterling. Unfortunately, the job offer I was given has fallen through and left me In big trouble. There's no way Ill be able to pay swift sterling back on time. Just a huge kick in the teethe, thing were looking great. I don't know what to expect when the they try to take the repayment and my bank balance is nearly on zero. Has anyone got any advice they could offer? I know I was a bit naive taken the loan in the first place, but I was told the job was mine.
  2. I'm a little irritated at the stupidity of my younger sibling who decided to take a loan with the the website samedayloans365.co.uk. She applied for a loan 2 days ago (provided all her bank details) and she has not received any money from them. Has anyone every heard of this same day loans company before? Ive checked there website, It looks a little woeful to say the least. Ive contacted them via there contact form but not received any reply. Could fraud or identity theft be committed using the details shes provided. Shes ok for money now after Ive helped her out but don't want other people to use her details? I could be blowing this all out of proportion but thought I would seek advice from you lot first:) Thanks
  3. I don't personally know a lot about payday loans or wonga but I have heard some nasty press about motormile. Its seems they buy alot of debt from payday loan companies. I had a friend who had a debt with quick quid at the time and they were chasing him relentlessly. Not sure what happened in the end, Ill try and find out for you. As redegaiemp has pointed out I think 5 years is considered as reasonable time. Don't let them get the better of you and don't let them push you over.
  4. My battery does break fairly often. The little button on it is a litttle delicate at times. Joytech stuff is more expensive by the looks of it. Ill take at the supplies you suggested. Im also worried about the fluids that are imported from china, who knows whats in them. W
  5. I went to the shop the other day to buy some velcro, it cos me £10!!! It's such a RIP OFF!
  6. Thanks for the advice, never thought of lonely planet, I think theres a copy in my house somewhere! What would you say the landscape in france is like?? I dont want anything too mental! I think someone recomened Netherlans to me because its flat!
  7. Do you think the people eating horse burgers are complaining about having beef in there horse.
  8. Questions correct: 10 / 10 You took 64 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 936 So close, If only I didnt have a sip of tea,could of shaded of a few more seconds. Best attempt so far by me
  9. firstly you gotta peel and boil vegeies, then cook/grill/fry all your meats for your different meals at the same time(how big is your oven) I guess its good to get it all out the way at once, but the concentration would drive me mad. Im like Ramsay in the kitchen except Im swearing at no one cos im usualy alone!
  10. I used to steel a bog roll a day when I was in University and help myself to free ketchup sachee and salt n pepper in the canteen! I'm sure if I went back now I could find a lot more. Basically covered my tuition fee
  11. I wouldn't tarnish the BBC with the same reputation as such tabloid newspapers but I must agree it does seem quite unbelievable.
  12. The outlay for a tornado is a bit pricey originally but I save so much much money on the refills rather than buying cartridiges from the shops. Id get through one cartridge a day when i smoked elites costing me 4 pound a day. Whilst I buy one small refill (10 ml) of TECC fluid and itll last me a week at about 5 pound a pop. Massive saving. I didnt relise they been around for 5 years, Id only seen one person smoking them before I started, then in the following months it became super popular. If I took it out in the pub Id be centre of attention which was wierd.I Now if you go into to a pub your guarenteed to see some one with one. I saw an 83 year old smoking one the other day, was glad to see even the elderly are taking to this new (ish) technology.
  13. Questions correct: 6 / 10 You took 101 seconds to complete this quiz. Total score: 499 Much improvemt needed as my teachers use to say:( Much harder than yesterdays
  14. I spent 50 pence on one of those yesterday, your an absolute enterpenureal genius. Shame I dont live next to a home bargain like a used to last year. Those shops are brilliant for little treats
  15. I started using electronic cigarttes over a year ago (one of the first on the scene). It was expensive originally as I use to get them from the shops, but since Ive found online supplier I spend about 15-18 a month on liquid refill and have to buy a new battery for my tornado tank every once and a while. I quit with ease and i reckon most people could if they stuck with it. Most of my friends who tried it just said it was horrible and never tconsidered it. I didnt like it at first but usuing it for 2 days straight it really grew on me and the thought of smoking a real cigarette makes me sick(unless Ive had a few drinks). Over a year and counting since my last real ciggy.
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