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  1. I took the advise on this site and ignored the parking people and wrote to ASDA directly in fact i sent the letter to their head office and to the local store involved. The head office sent me a letter to say basically that they don't get involved in parking disputes and wouldn't interfer. then i got a letter from the local store to say very sorry and parking charge had been cancelled. i have hear nothing since. So go figure.
  2. I am in the middle of ignoring a Town & City Parking Charge notice we received for overstaying by 20 minutes in December at our local Asda. Which has a MacDonalds where we eat first then moved the car to shop at a very busy Asda. I have been advised that the parking charge notice isn't worth the paper that it is written on. The only people that can take you to court are the people that own the land in this case Asda. i was advised to e-mail the head office but have still not received an answer nearly 1 month later. Town & City are now getting more threatening and have said they will send debt collectors after me for the money which is now £80 (£40 fine increased to £70 & £10 admin charge. I am now going to write to the Asda Head Office address I found on this site. I have been advised to say that Asda are "jointly & severally liable" for the actions of their agents and that any further actions by either of them would be regarded as harassment under the terms of "The Protection from Harassment Act 1997. as a woman on my own i find the nasty letters and threats of debt collectors, reduced credit ratings etc very intimidating but I am also stubborn and it is the principal of the matter and the more Asda ignore me the more i will stick my heals in. Next stop will be to try and get the local paper involved. we will see.
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