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  1. I have received a very short and sweet letter this morning from the solicitor as follows:- "It is counter-productive for us to continue with this line of correspondence and I would rather write this off as an unfortunate and thankfully, an isolated esperience." So whilst the Solicitor hasn't admitted that he was in the wrong, at least my dad won't have to part with £378 for nothing! Many thanks to everyone who took the time to offer me advice. I have learnt a valuable lesson about dealing with Solicitors.
  2. I have exchanged a couple of letters so far, the most recent of which I replied to this weekend & directed him to the firm's own website & the ombudsman's view of costs suggested by Foxmorris. Both state that fees should have been advised to us in advance. I have heard that this firm doesn't hang around with regards to chasing unpaid bills through the County Court, but surely they have no defence so their claim wouldn't be successful anyway. Thank you for Ombudsman link. I shall get in touch with them today.
  3. I was advised last week when I dropped the letter in that the Solicitor we saw was a Senior one...hence the high hourly rate. BUT shouldn't we have been told at the time that we would be charged.
  4. My mum sadly passed away in October and my Dad as Executor needs to sort out Probate. Dad is 88 and has never had to do anything like this before. I therefore suggested that we speak to the Solicitor who drew up their will 8 years ago to see how much it would cost for him to do it. I duly made the appointment and we attended a meeting with him before Christmas. The Solicitor who had drawn up the original will has since died, so one of the other partners dealt with our inquiry. In total the meeting took 90mins and it wasn't until the end the 90mins the Solicitor ad
  5. Thank you Tomtubby. This is an option I think I will have to consider. I gather it will give me a better idea of this financial situation. Thanks to everyone for your advice. I will try and remember to report back here hopefully with good news when the situation is resolved.
  6. I've considered the option of freezing his bank account. The debt is from when he was trading as a sole trader but he's a ltd company now. My guess is that he will be an employee of his own company and probably appears to pay himself a very small salary. I need to find out about drawing on a Directors Account etc to see if that's how he lives. I know that I can ask for him to go to court to answer questions re his finances. That may be the best option at the moment.
  7. Thank you for your swift replies. That's all very interesting and informative. I hadn't thought about the lack of log book/key reducing the value of the car and I'm not convinced that 25% price guide will be enough to clear the debt. I may have to consider other options.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and am in need of a bit of advice. A local businessman owes our business some money. He can pay he just won't pay. I took him to court and he didn't dispute the debt so a CCJ was given to him. I've not had any money. He drives a very nice car and I've carried out an HPI check on it and discovered that it's bought on Finance. The Finance is due to be paid up in the next few months. I am considering referring the debt to the High Court so that the car can be seized on paper at least, then we could just wait until he is the legal owner and take the car if he st
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