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  1. Hello new here but have a very important question.... Long story short.. September 2012 my current boss decided to sell his security company, he didn't tell us he was selling it!. Neither did the new bosses tell us they were taking over, no mention of TUPE or nothing. We (that is a few guards AND the old boss) continued to work on the various contracts. Needless to say the inevitable happened we didn't get paid. So I (plus others including the old boss!) to the company to tribunal(s). The case(s) were won, the new owners no even replying to the tribunal papers. So I now have a tribunal award for £1750.00 which up to today 01-02-2013 hasn't been paid. Now here's the kicker the new bosses have changed the name of the security company (about two weeks ago), there the exact same company doing the exact same work but have simply changed name to possibly avoid paying out all the unpaid wages, so: have they achieved this? i.e. by changing the company name do they not have to pay anything out? if not can a tribunal fast track system still get my owed money? if yes can I reapply to the tribunal to issue the award to the new named company? Any and all help would be appreciated. thank you for you time in this matter
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