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  1. This was their first visit and there was no warning. Even if there was, I would not have opened someone else s mail and would have not known about it. The person whose name it was in was a sole trader, I rang them in front of him and they spoke to him on the phone in front of me, he confirmed everything to them. This was their first visit and we had no prior warning. The refused to listen to reason and I am sure they will say they were polite, but if what they said is true, one of the bailiffs said that they have cameras and have recorded everything, so I am hoping they do, because
  2. I will not post the name of the bailiff. The payment was made under EXTREME duress and I had no choice. I am a law abiding citizen and have never been in this situation before. They would not listen to reason, or call their office to explain it was not me, they just made threats and gave me time limits to pay before they started taking goods.
  3. Yes it was made by a good friend of mine, I have called her and told her to do it and emailed her the link. The way they treated her was unbelievable too. The whole situation was unbelievable. I am a very reasonable person, and I understand that people avoid paying fines but to have proof that it was not me and had nothing to do with me, and to continue scaring children is unacceptable.
  4. I was awakened at 7am this morning by my 9 year old son saying that someone is trying to break down the front door. I ran downstairs and heard someone bashing the door, not knocking, hitting it as hard as they could. I opened the door and it was two people showing me id cards like they were some sort of law enforcement. It turned out the were two bailiffs from Task Enforcement. One of the bailiffs put his foot in my door. I asked him to remove his foot and he said he would not. I asked him again and he still refused to do it. I asked them the reason they were at my h
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