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  1. I'm not sure where you stand with the unauthorised absence but if you are covered under the dda then your company is obliged to make changes your role to incorporate the disability. After being deemed fit were you not given a date to come back to work? As this is something your line manager should have done. It's common sense really , if they dont give you a date to return how are you to know when to return? Id seek advice from your local citizens advice if your worried about being sacked. How long have you worked for the company and what is their policy on absence (how many per annum before disaplinary action etc) hit me up with this info and ill give you what I know. [edited by site team] is my email if you don't hear from me. I know what it's like for work to screw you over, my company are saying they won't allow me back even of deemed for as they want to contact my specialist after an operation. Which is unnessecary. Feeling of same world different country ay? Looks like all companies are trying to screw over staff. All the best anyways. Jake
  2. This is a very similar sotuation to what I am facing and I was hoping you could send me the link for where you found out the information in this post. Would be massively appreciated
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