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  1. A little update on this. Paid the money but managed to get most of it back from Aldi, who eventually coughed up a cheque, after basically having me relentlessly ring them up every day, bugging the ass off them. Could be worse.
  2. From what I can gather, they do not think he is putting them in disrepute because they believe him when he says 'I didn't vandalise the customers car' or whatever, however, a court summons directed towards Aldi might make them think 'hang on, maybe the customer is telling the truth else they wouldn't go to all this trouble' etc. Wouldn't it be lovely if i could make them responsible for my incurred defence costs after it happened as well ,*sigh* .
  3. Thankyou SO much! YOu have given me some avenues to explore. Yes the person is the STORE MANAGER and he got everying believing his story, grrr. Today I got a breakdown of what the £1400 is made up of. Tried to PM you but it forum wouldnt allow because under 30 posts! For anyone thats interested: Solicitors received £362.00 plus £72.40 vat Counsel received £811.02 plus £162.20 vat I am quite astonished by this since the councel must have talked to me for all of 20 minutes and there was no trial. I'm a mechanic. I wouldn't fit a bulb to someones car and charge them enough to buy another car!
  4. Thankyou I'm 40 next month. On another note, if I were to at least try to get the car damage paid for (£600) should I persue the bloke, or the company that he works for, as it happened on their premesis, which would I have more luck with in small claims court? I have contacted Aldi on many occasions asking them to pay for the damage. Heres that letter now.
  5. I use my teabags twice, and the 'basics' ones in the supermarket at that, and they cost 28p for 80 bags. Thats 160 cups of tea. They taste no different to expensive bags . Its only got one ingredient!
  6. I love freecycle (and freegle) it upsets me so much when i go to the dump and see what people have chucked in the skips that other people out there would have gladly taken.
  7. I've had dozens of excellent results on freecycle, getting and giving. I furnishished my entire place pretty much from there , including the kitchen, the hoover, the table, chairs, sofa. Yes I have encountered the over zealous moderator too, i think every group has to have one of those, must be in the terms and conditions!
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