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tired of bieng ripped off

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  1. They trying to say i owe them £1800 which on top of the letter they sent me says the average, if i write to them and ask them for a copy of all work they have done for me must they send me it? The thing that is annoying me is the fact that they DID NOT do the correct paperwork and when i started to use them they said i would have nothing to do as they would do everything for me, which as they did not is surely a breach of contract on their part!!
  2. Good luck, ive been off the horrible things for 2 1/2 years now and have saved a fortune.
  3. Can someone please tell me exactly what powers store detectives/security guards have? Do they have the legal power to foricbly detain you? If the do have the legal power to detain you and they falsely accuse/detain you then who can you sue?
  4. I asked a PPI claims company to do a claim for me against Clydesdale Bank, they started the claim but never completed a proper letter of authority. The bank sent me a final response letter offering me a settlement, also stating that as the claims company had not completed the necessary paperwork they would not be informing them of the final response letter. I accepted the banks offer, and now the claims company are harrassing me for payment. My question is that as the PPI claims company did not do their job and i did most of the correspondence with the bank myself, do I have to pay them anything as they did not actually fulfill their part of the contract. All help will be gratefully appreciated!!
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