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  1. Then I should get £1000 allowance and only £550 goes to them. Am I correct?
  2. Hi, I just thought to update my case status here to get some opinions. I received a call from my IP yesterday, and they gave me an answer after reviewing their decision since last week. They decided to ask half the value of my car (£1550), rather than taking the full amount. Hmmm... I obviously not happy with this decision. First, I don't know what the base of their calculation/decision. Secondly, why NOW? They told me they are interested with my car from the beginning of my sequestration. They just let me used the car to go to work, and don't want to bother me with the car iss
  3. Thanks Crocdoc. At the moment I'm asking the IP to review their decision. If this matter can't be resolved, I will consult with AIB. Cheers. I will update this space for any outcome.
  4. Unfortunately no, I haven't got anything in writing.
  5. Eventhough if my IP is dealing with the car based on the old upper limit, shouldn't I got an allowance to own a car? Based on what they said to me, they want the whole value of the car. Which will leave me with nothing. Not even a £1000 limit. This is their sentence to me: With regards to your motor vehicle, I note that your vehicle is valued at £1,550. These funds will be required to be paid to your sequestration, as your motor vehicle was an asset at the outset of the sequestration. So if you decided not to sell your car you would have been required to extend your payments for the valu
  6. Hi Crocdoc, I've entered sequestration as a result from my trust deed application failed to become protected. So my current IP arranged everything for my sequestration until I got a letter from AIB saying I've entered the sequestration. In the letter also saying that I will stick to my IP as my trustee. So basically, my application for sequestration is thru them. No, the original vehicle was not subject to Hire Purchase Agreement. Many thanks Crocdoc. Looking forward to hear some more opinions.
  7. Hi.. I am new here. I really hope somebody could help me. I entered sequestration 3 years ago. And this February is my final month to pay contribution towards my sequestration, which is £200 per month. And my IP has advised me that I will be released from my sequestration afterwards. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I just received an email yesterday from my IP saying that they decided to take my car which is worth £1550, or I have to pay the same amount if I want to keep the car. What make me really confuse here is, at the beginning of my sequestration, I owned BMW which was wort
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