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  1. hey, he did use the money for something else, the social services has even closed the case saying its not there responsibility, the kids are not going to school at the moment as were sleeping from home to home no one seems to want to help, i went to see a solicitor yesterday but she said she cant guaranty anything as the council have no legal duty to help. im so lost and depress dont no how to sort this out.
  2. Hello, Im a mother of 2 boys. 2 years ago i rented a house with the father of my kids, but in July i found out that he was not paying the rent, which by that time it was to late as the state agency told me that they was sending us to court. after this i went straight to the local council, which told me to stay until the bailiff came witch i did, the council then offers me a b&b for me and the boys as their dad no longer wanted to be with me he went to live at his mums house, after being at the B&B the council sends me a letter telling me that they found me intentionally homeless there for they had no legal obligation to help me anymore. so they told me i had to leave the B&B and they would refer me to social services because if i cant find anywhere to live that the social services would take my kids away and put them into care. well the social services said that they could not take my kids away cause they was not being abused, mistreated or in any danger and told me that it was the local council responsibility. the day the council told me to leave the B&B I had no where to go that night my sons nursery manager had to call the emergency social services teem they paid for a hotel for us that night. after a week from sleeping from house to house one of my friends let me stay at hers for 2 week, the problem is that she lives almost 30 miles from the boys schools, at the momen their not attending school. i don't no what to do now can anyone help me?
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