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  1. Hi At same stage with my claim as well. One question if we do pay them the £10 can we claim for this at a later date or will we lose it? Just a thought, we could get statements a bit quicker without having to do the court thing and still get our money back. Or would this show a sign of weakness that they would use to their advantage?. Peter
  2. I have been very laxed about all this due to not enough time in the day, with work and 2 kids. Haven't sent any letters since LBA, recieved usual letter about complaint taking longer than they thought and can contact Ombudsman if I want to that was on the 19th Sep. On the 21st Sep received this: Dear Mr Robinson Thank you for your further letter dated 21st July about the transaction information you have requested under the DPA. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. i Understand that you have already recieved details of the transactions and charges that are held
  3. I have just my checked account online and noticed three repeat transactions, went into local branch and they have said it's their cock-up and was told to check account tomorrow as it should retify itself. Thought it was only right to let everyone know. ABBEY EFFICIENT AS EVER:)
  4. Thanks Candles47 My charges for the 14 months are only about £400, I'm not saying I dont need the money but I might just wait to get the report on the 11th. Then I wont be guessing what is actually owed to me. If anyone else has any other suggestions be glad to hear them. Peter
  5. In a bit of a quandry, I need to send my prelim letter but in 1 thread Karnevil suggests that we should wait until after the 6th and the abbey visit for the results (cant for the life of me find the bloody thing now). I have last 14 months statements but there is some contradiction on some threads. Can i send an estimate of charges or do I wait until the results from the Information Commissioner visit. Any help would be appreciate.
  6. Will ponder over the titles the weekend and send out on monday
  7. Thanks Phil Letter got sent anyway, left it on my desk and someone thought they were doing me a favour and posted it. Not a huge problem just wont follow it up (at this stage anyway wait to see what happens on the 6th). You mentioned the prelim letter and est charges, I know this is going to sound really dim, but in the prelim letter in the library do I leave in the bold titles of each paragraph or is that just stating to us not so clever people what each bit means.
  8. It's been a long wait to get a response from Abbey and guess what?.... Yep i'm still waiting (as so are many others). Just about to send off my LBA as the 40 days ran out on Monday, thought i'd give Shabbey a chance to sort it out also been busy at work. BTW this doesn't affect my claim not keeping too the time table exactly? I am giving them 7 days but when does it start from, as 2 days after I send it will be a Saturday and if I count 7 days from then it also lands on a Saturday. Help needed as I dont want to jump the gun and screw up my claim or possibly others.
  9. Hi Ostrich I sent my first letter to:- Abbey National PLC Abbey National House 2 Triton Square Regent's Place London NW1 3AN Hope this helps P
  10. Thanks for the proof read Karnevil was getting a bit late last night. Who do I send it to? Pammy or Marcy, or someone completely different. Thanks
  11. Hi I have a quite large amount outstanding on a loan with Natwest. I was wondering as I'm having difficulties making the repayments what would happen if I just stop the DDebit and move all my banking to another account? I'd like to know where I stand legally. I understand I will never probally get credit again(probally better for me in the long run:smile: ). Its not a guaranteed loan so I haven't got to worry about the house being taken, and I sort of got blackmailed in taking the insurance out with the loan. Been to the bank and told them the situation but not a lot of help the
  12. This is the letter I will be sending tomorrow, a couple of questions: 1) Who do I send it to as the last letter received from Abbey was from Marc Winder. Do I send it to him or Pam Speed? 2) Is the bit in blue sufficient or does it need more? LETTER BEFORE ACTION Section 7 – Data Protection Act 1998 4th August 2006 Dear Sir/Madam Account: ********* I am in receipt of the documents that you have supplied in response to my Data Protection Act information request dated 3rd Jully 2006. The disclosure of personal data is incomplete in that at least the following
  13. Sorry to butt in on your thread but i'm in similar situation.(have own thread running but not many takers PeterR32 v Abbey). I have had the Pam Speed letter which I replied with the microfiche letter, then I have received letter from Marc Winder '.....unhappy that you have felt to complain...blah blah blah' I have approx 10 days left before my 40 days are up. Will be keeping track of your thread as we are on a similar timeline. Good luck
  14. Hi Welly Thanks for the speedy reply, would I be right in saying that I could send the letter in Data Protection Act - Non-Compliance - Template Letters from alanfromderby in the Bank template letters. Template 1. Would quote it but it wont work.
  15. Hi all Been reading so many threads but it's all getting too much for me, cant keep track of what to do and when. I have -: Sent Inital Data Protection Act 3rd July received by Abbey 6th July Recieved Microfiche fob off letter from Pam Speed:mad: and the usual 12mths statements arrived (Bit slow in sending reply Letter) Microfiche letter sent 21st July they received 24th July. Another fob off letter received today from Marc Winder one of his team is responsible for investigating my complaint, will contact me in four weeks. Not sure what to do next the original DPA r
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