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  1. i know..i dont know why i wrote citizenship..sorry about not being clear..appreciate the response.
  2. hi, i was convicted of a drink driving offense in 2003. From where can i get the details about the date of conviction? i forgot the date and i need it for home office application. Thank you
  3. ok let me make it clear. they asked to declare any spent or unspent convictions including traffic offences in the application form. i dont remember the exact date of conviction.so my solicitor advised if i can get a letter stating the details of conviction and declaring its spent, then there are 2 advantages- 1.They dont get a bad impression that i dont even remember the date of conviction and 2.It is declared on the letter that the conviction is spent so they dont have to look into it further. And its for indefenite leave and not citizenship.i mixed it up. here is the application form http://
  4. i was driving with my international licence back then..no u.k licence..i only took provisional licence recently as i was not driving at all since 2003..
  5. another problem is i dont remember the exact date and which court i went to..that was the main reason for asking to find out about the letter..
  6. sorry if the post confused you..but great help thanks
  7. i recieved a fine and one year ban. no imprisonment. home office didnt ask for such a letter..on the application i have to disclose all spent and unspent convictions so i thought i might be able to get one rather than me just saying it has been spent. so from what i learned from you, i probably dont need a letter and just fill it in saying it has been spent? thanks a lot for your help
  8. thanks, yes i was convicted. got a fine and 1 yr ban..i believe it gets 'spent' after 5 years? i need it for home office as im applying for citizenship
  9. hi, i was charged with a drink driving offense back in 2003. Now i need a letter from the relevant authorities saying that my conviction has been spent. How do i do that? Any links or phone numbers will be appreciated. thank you in advance, craig
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